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Image 4 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), October 19, 1820

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

t Agents iox the Gazette. -- Wc have sound it necessary to appoint in the different towns where the Gazette is taken throughout the U. States to Bend a collector to collect the dues, the " toll would cat up thegriat." Although a small sum from each : yet. with the Printer, it is from small sums larger ones are to grow. Subscribers are requested to pay their sub- scrijptlons to cither of the following gentle men. Those who receive thejr papers where jio agent has been appointed, arc requested to ts rmit by mail. 8t Stevenson, printers Mr. Grayscn, p m. or Mr. Bar- net, Printer. JBaltuire John S. Sktnner. Cincinnati Post Master, v Pouting Gwn-Fo- rd Mardsto-ze- Clarksxtlle, TVi. Danville Daniel Ilarbee, p. m. EddyviUe Mr. Lon, p. m. Edivardsville, PI. Estill C Elhsville Plcmhigsbnrghltlr. Ballard, p. nv Frankfort Mr, Crockett, p. m. Georgetown Mr. Sebree.p. m. JTopkinsville Mr. J, Br) an, p. m. Post-maste- r. Post-mastc- r, . Post-maste- r. Post-maste- r. Jfuntsutle Post-masCc- r. BaiT0(h5w gh Mr, Keller, p. m. Jeffersomille, Ind. EouisviVe Mr. Gray, p. m. . Jsanca$terJ P. Letcher, p m. Millersburgh George Talbot, esq. MoxintstcrUng Henry Daniel, esq. or the Post-maste- r. Fost-nviste- r. . Mouroc, JVayanZr &Tays Tei Post-maste- r. Mr Roe, p. m. Lick Mr. Shotwell, p. m. -- Mount Zion Nashville, T ' Natchez Peat-maste- r. Joseph Kartell? esq. or the Mcholantllc Dr. Younng, p. m. Weii- - Orleans Bartlet Ec (Jos, or Postmaster Jtew- - Glasgow r. Oxoingsville tfoat-maste- r. Mr. Ba.che, p. m, Paris Mr. Patten, pi m. Richmond Pusseltvilte--M- fjf. Louis mister. - " Mr. J. Turner, Printer. Piper, d. p.m. Mr. Henry, Printer, or Post. r Thos. Dubois c Co. Joseph W.Brysonj p. m. .iTincheslev Mr.llitchio, p m Washington Mr. Murphy, p. m. Vincennes Versailles BY for sale : Therefore, t, JamcsJVIonroe, president of the United States, Jtfftereby declare Ec mdke knorm, that public sales for the disposal, to law, oi certain lands, shall beheld as follows, viz f At "Delaware, in Ohio, on the first Mondays n August and October next, for the sale of the lands which have been surveyed in the district of Delaware, being 45 townships and t' z: fractional townships, . lutfiut Sale. Townships 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6, 3. of n'C 14 15 1,3, 4, 5 and 6, 16 1, 2,3, 4, 5 and 6, 17 1,2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, Ootober Safe. 9 Townslips 1, 2, 3 and 4, south of ttflgc 10 1, 2, 3 and 4, 11 1,5, 3,4 and 5, . 12 1,2, 3, 4 and 5, Zo 1,2,3, 4 and'S, At Piqua, in Ohio, on the first ifonday in September next, for the Bale of the lands which have been surveyed in the district of Pkju3, being 33 townships and fractional townships. AtllrooJolUe, in Indiana, on the first Monday in October next, for the lands vhichlmc Jseen surveyed in the district of BrookviHe, being 36 townships and fractional townships At JefteisonilIe, in Indiana, on the first Jtonday in August next, for the lands latel) surveyed in the district of (Itfleraoipillc, being 27 tow nships and fractional tow nships. At Terre ILrite, in Indiana, on the first Monday in September next, for the lands which hae been sun eved in the district of Terielfautc, being 43 townships and frac. ,, tionaUov-mltips- . AtEduardsUHe, Ill'nois.on the first Mond day in October next, for the lards lately in the distiict of Edwards die, being !8 townships and fractional townships. At ArKsnsis, in the tcrntoiy of Arkansas, on the first Mondajs of August and October next, for the land 9 surveyed in the district of rkansas, being ootov. nships and li actional fcur-vee- Post-mastr- r. Philadelphia 'BYTHB rR5lM2KT OP THE V. STATcfe the President of the United WHEREAS authorised by law to cause certain lands of the. Unifed States to he ottered uz: Jluqust Sale. Townihips 5, 7, 9 and 10, h. of R. 19, west. ' of 5th principal Meredian 20, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 do. 21, do. 6, 7n8 and "9 10,11. 12,13 & 14 do. October Sale townships 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 Sc 14, south ofrancfe 23, west of 4th principal meredian do. 24 8, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 25 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 do. 20 9, 10, 11 and 12 do. 27 9, lOand do. 28 9 and 10 9 and 10 j do. 29 At Jackson, in Missouri, on the second Monday in September next, for thehnds surged in the district of Cape Giraideau, be-i- n e tow nships and fractior al tow of thiry-fis yE PRESIDENT OF THE STATES. AVereasby "an townships, of congress passed on the 3d of March, 1817, entitled "An act to authorise .the appointment o a Surveyor forth? landj in the northern part of the Mississippi Teintory, and the sale of certain lands therein " the President of the United States 3s authorized to cause certain lands to be sold : Therefore, I, James Monroe, President '6F the United States, do hereby declare and make known, that public sales shall be. held at Jlunlsville, ii. Alabama, for the disposal (accoiding to law) of the following lands. Viz : On the 2d .Monday in October next. for thesale of townships 10 and 13, in range 2, E. ; township 9, 10, 11, ai.d 14, in range 3, E.; townships 9, 10, and 14,iniangc 4, E. ; thwnships 9, 10, 11,12, 13, and 14, in range 5, E. ; townships 12, 13; and 14, in range 6, E. ; and township 12, in range 7, E. Also, the lands in the tract commonjy called Colbert's reserve. , On the 1st Monday in Pcccmbcr next, for the sale of townships 11, 12, 13, and 14, in range 3, W. ; townships' 12, 13, and 14, in range 6 and 7, V; townships 11, 12, 13, and 14,inrange3, W. townships 12, 13, 14, in range 9, W. ; townships 13, and 14, in range 1,0, V. ; and township 14, in range 11, W. ; Also the lands adjoining the town of Marathon, which have not been offered for sale, except such lands as have been reserved by law for the support of schools, or for other purposes. The lands shall be sold in regular numerical order, commencing with the lowest number of section, township, and range. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, the22d day June 1820. aGt descii-Jbed,- ? JAMES MONRQE. JosiAHfMEiGS,CowmMioncr of the ge?ieral La id Oflict 'Casta in Uaiu ntU be given for 2 JSTLGltO 210YS and GIRL of an unexceptionable character. Lnquirc of the Printers. 23tf June;, 3d, 1819 1 d. il Tranlin, in Missouri, on the first Slon-di- y in Nq ember next, far tlie lands in the Military Uounty tract, (north of the Missouri ritcr,) which could not be distributed to soldiers, being chiefly qimter sccttuus and fractions, too sixlall or too large for bounty lots At C;hibi, in Alahann, on tho fivst Monday in No ernber next, for the lots in the towns of Claiborne and Jackson, and for townships 12 and IT in'range 20, and for towrship 18 in range 19, which were adertieed but not offered for tale in Mai ch 1819. Hach sale shall continue tluce weeks and ctw longer; and cich sale will commence with the lowest "number of lot or section, township and range, And proceed in lcgulv" numerical order. The limb lesened b) law for Uic use of schools, or for other purposes, will, as usual, be rcsen cd fi om s de. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, the eighteenth day of in the ear 1820. JAMES MONROE. Uy the President, Josutt Mejos, Commissioner of the OlRce. General Printers who are authorised to publish the law s of the United States, will insert the abo e once a week, t;ll tle 1st of November ncWt, and send their accounts to the Geneial Land Oflicc for payment. A.t ' VYTIIHPUF.SIDEXT orTIIH U STATES an act of WJ1KKEAS, by of .March, Concjiesspased 130, entitled " An acttoauthonsethe President of the Stntei to appoint a Heceier of tlie pub- lic monies and Kegister of the Land Ofjice for the distnctof Lawrence county mthe Aikai-sa- s territory," it is enacted, that any pcison, withot hiving a claim to a in the said district, shall make known his claim and location, accpidmg to the piovision of the lau snow in force, to the Kegister at least six weeks before the time to he designated by the Picsident of the United States for issuing patents to the soldiers of the late army, entitled to bounti land in said distiictTherefore I, James Monroe, President of the United States, do hereby designate the fourth Monday ot November net, as the time at which patents as aforesaid shall commence nht - o issue. Given under m hand, at the city of Wash-ingtothe eighteenth of April 1820. CULTIVATORS THE (Sign of the Cross Kcys Main-street- ) AS just received irom ruiiaucipuia, in addition1 to his former stock the iollow- - GUOOTlES, VrDAQ Ijn,' lOaf &lump sugars, rcppnn,vc sew A dozen PORT AVINE, Holland, Oin, Cogniae tframly9 West India llnm9 Madeira Wine, Also acc;-ma- te 11 For the accommodation of Travellers Phila-'Itlphu- ,, oITcicd. Extract of alctter from Governor Ltoi,v;bo is acknowledged to he one of the most vvcalthv, wejl info tine d and best managing fanneis in the United States " The Van iev, so far, is the best Agricultural compilation, in inn humtte opinion tllhut J have eicr heerf, and the Pationagc of the p ibllC." .4 From the President of the A(;ricultlural OYSTERS, Cooked in the best and most approved style, wotdddo well to call as aboe. Lexington, July 27, 1820 9;$m TxiittittR oi aWMnis. nrnrr-D- EXHCUTED AT Sqci-et- v, lUsterii Shme of Aiaryhnd ( I am anxion to preserve the whole ofthc vvoiki and wish it was in the hands of every faitntr in the United States It is by the diffusion of knowledge onh, tliat we can expect our country to lmpiovc in Agriculture, which tny paper is aamuauiy caicuuteu to impair to all vtho taiH take pains to he improved by reading." liespcctfully tliy fuend, uon Moortn. From an address deliveied by Thomas Liw, r.sq I'zesident ofthc A gucultuMl Society of Piince CJeoigc's count v ' liesme I conclude, jet v.e i erontmend to you the American !irmerf a paper i,huh collects into a focus all the rarjh of light on Jfuibai.d y, width aic emanated ft om erery tfiiaUcr oj the globe I hate tetptestcd Jfr, 6hinjier to give an annual index, iihich nul make it tqualto a librarv for a farmer From Doctor Calvin Jonps, of Halcigh, Noith Carolina, a gentleman of high lepute for his devotion to the inteicflt ot Agriculture, and for his attainments in other sciences. lot ijl iiALEiRn itroisrrn Mr. dales 1 lequostof ou the savor to inform those respectahle fi lends who have interested themcUeb in the success of the " l'ar-me- that the atronae is profteicd-i- not such as will justifv its publication llic bestscivice lican now render them is, to recommend Iq their notice the "lAirtonain Iu- mer," an Agricultuial paper, published weck-- i ly oy jonn o ounmcr oi itiunnore. ah ac quimtancc with this voik will pi event any regret being experienced at the oi mime CALVIN JOXES promotc-agriculture- , 13-l- LIVhLxt bl'lhLiiuto Vicc-Picside- HIE Xic,nioj Gazette OlYvct, XYith Qccctncst) accuracy and dispatch presiding. IZxtiact fiom tho pioceedingsof the of Albcmaile,, Virginia, at their last meeting, May , 1820. 'In order more general! to disseminate the agricuitual intelligence and improvements made throughout the United States, the Society resolve to present each of itsmcmUcis with thr first volume of tho American farmer, edited at Baltimore, by John 9. Skinner, Ksq agiicul-tuial3Scj- nd Hoarders, where every attention will be piid "Id those who may savor him with thcr custom. Those who wish to partake of the finest ll num-bersha- t, House of Entevtainmentj I AM hapry to announce to my friends antj the public generally, that I have, at a grc'at rebuilt my In a manner superior to any in the State, ana upon the same ground ouuhice they founci-stood, liespcctfully solicit the pationagj of my former customers and the public gen 'rally. I shall endeavour nd hone to givi im call - , satisfaction to all WILLIAM H0WAJAIr. y Lcitcn,M 29flo 2'tf Hunt W.G "P. MINOll,Sec'y." All gentlemen who feci an- - interest in th circulation of a Journal devoted to theobjccts amf conducted on the jlan hero described, are requested to transmit the names of subscribers all cases the money miut he remitted but fj ore the paper can be &ent It will, however eicturneilinanv case, wlieie the subscriber in a view of the paper, not being satisfied iay think proper to ri.tura it to the edito v utiri thrc c c cw (jm ;" Biadfprd Charley 3 BcU George Ih an John 2 Son Ileatty Anghstine Buncr Hannah Baxter Samuel " Woa?. Daniel 2 Barbour Philip C. Burns Amailah Bell John H. Bell William Baker Mr. BuckChailesC. Brishear Walter Br an John Blair William W. Butler Pierce lliown Bedford Bt irvman G. W. BKtheWilhim BeltKhzabeth Bell Thomns Biown John Beamibh George Biown David BakerGdorge Biawlcy Philip BoyDohn 2 2 Bennett t. II. Steel J. Messrs. Brown Mihnda Bieckemidge Rob. P. Brawn Samuel Dr 2 Bush ThcodoshaA. Blair Samuel W Benning James Bainbridge 2bsolem Bcvd Beny John Bird Abram Bray Esq. Bion Biooking SainuclS. Billings John Bibb Kdward B. Biooks Benjamin Buckner Alctt Buckner David P llham 2 Brown James 11. t Bronaugh Hall John W. Barr 'X homas T. 8 Brcckcnridgc Itobt It. C Chapman Cccrge Clugston George George Bivant Bhabeth N Campbell Isabella Clnles Sarah Chiles John, Kichard, "W. Banton, iTJijah True Sv Col James Dudley Calvert Catherine GairMaiiaAim, Crllov ay Jesse Kcv'd Clay Abraham Crittenden B. Dennis CJaike Deh6e Joseph Bailey ilium Dailc Lauienco Dowuton Bicliaid Dunn Pttcr t Davis Geiiard Drake Samuel Downing Doctor BImore I'atscv Lldcr Anna I'tkndge Thomas Bins Littleberry Prv John I"lournoy Matthew Farer ohu 1 lanagan Cliarics Franklin Henry , Crane Aai on CuttesBlial Christian William C. Clnibtian Judith Cochran John (). Cannon Bui ton Pm ell John C. I'lemi.ig I homas Bgglcston William 1'nghh Amanda Bddv Kphraim B. r Pord Nathaniel 11 ancis Jesse leamter Thomas J. 1'cndell Isaac Poppingfon Maiiah Pcamle Peter uclc'b Mill Grubbs Humphrey Gibson Wilham Games IlcivyJ. Gllhngham Mahlon4 Gatewood Alpliia G. Garrett '1 bom is Green John M. Dr. Graves Adahne Graves Polly Graves A tin B. Garnctt Leonard Gallop Solomon Grincr Stephen 2 Gi egg Samuel Harrison KhzHhcth Harbaugh Henry Handv George .Tnhn n Glltncr.acob G'ra George (irooms Uijahll. Gray lsnc Cray Gteprgc Hobbs William tf. Hutsin John Huggins Cary Ifaius Ialinda Hambleton John Hanison Bobert Gier Willi im ibler Gotnssiana Glasco Asa Gruhbs btephen Gumn Thomas Jones Houghton Thomas Hion Bcubcn 2 Hep'onomoub Pcndlc- ton 3 Henry Kobcrt flail Harrison Hawkins Maik Hunter Susan S". t Hammond Elijah Han is John (loops Thomas P. Hawkins Cleou Hoghn Diilali Harris Samuel MillJohnOsvcflTxjrt Giithn Lciy Glover John It Hobbs Jacob Ca&el B. lluleu Koberion HuulersonJohn Hanah John H. HigbeeJohn, Jr. Higbec John Hager Chnstian Harrison John D. HubbauPSHas Hunter John Hooper ancy M. A List of Letters .: .. P.MATXlVfl !n tha Tn H sadles. Kv. uhich is not tnVfi the 1st of January neit, will be sent to the e Geneial as dead letters. Heuben Anderson Jos Kmkead Wm Ashmore L, John M. Allen Land Lind3ey g r,t ut Post-offic- Tracey Thomaa 1'ull UiJohn '1 homas Tompkins Dr B. jIBnmbell James rPiiitrle Jasncr Mamblqpn Ualrard Haer Elizabeth Xlickey M illiam Homer Wm Hinds Wm.fc Martha Haas Catharine lies and Ifaacjr. JOHN FOWLER, p.m. October 4, 1820. Munday James sfcrson Mces Morris David Marquis John W. Merevvcther Wm Monia Mr. Meicdy Ehsha lasou George .Madison George Montjoy1 homas 2 Morse Elijah Norton John II. MBlcr-AuthoMorrison David G. j Me;tdith Samuel Mosele) Christopher ranee Asntou James Lansby Sliller B. Miller Alexander 2 James Anderson Wm B. Long 7 Marshall Mr Meglonc Mary James Akms K. & W Long 2 Mofntt George At. Miller Isaac B John Lewis .Meiislly m Wm. B. Blackburn Martin JtunesII. Lizzy & O'Bannioa Mills Isaac MottJamcs Jos Buchannon Jno. Long & Brother Milligau Wm Martin BebacA Jbsiah Boon James C. Long Martin Mrgirett Morisson James Col 4 Dr B. B. Bohannon 2 Adam Linn Morton John al. M'Cardy David Jerry Buckley 3 Abner Lcfoc Mai tin Obediah M'Cliord John Barman Bow mar Miller Daniel MCIan,ihan Elijah John Bufoid Wm. Mayo 2 Maguire Edward M'Ciacken John Austin Ball Andw M'Knight 3 Mooic Nathaniel M'Kte Samuel tWm'T. Bohannon John .M'Kinncy, Jr. Ma&sic Bobert M'lsaaclbaac Moses Boon, Mira L. Madison Mis Wm APKane James Leonard Bnsby, Jr. James Monroe Atatlcrson .Mary M'Crosky Elijah Samuel Bell Benjamin M'Farfend Milton Ehjh jMCv Neal John Uohannon Dennis MCarty Marshall Bobert MGuire Edward S Brooking Samuel Bobt. M'Mams Morn&on E. 1). dee'd AtKcnzie DavidC Doctor Jacob Bodmc John Melton lepresentatives M'Conathy Jacob Francis Buford Elizabeth Mosby Muhcan Isaac M'lhaln Handi C Jilesmer Grandeson M'l aughlin George Wm CunninghamVm. M'Clure Moore Elizabeth APUobb Wm Geo. T Cotton 6 James V.irhn MufiettJohn M'Dowtll James Col. NT II Cook & co. 3 Jerry M.,rton JIarshMl Polly Wm II Cosby M'Bride Mary A. James 'Moss Meredith Elijah (coj- - M'DowcllJohn Maj.2 Jasper CHhns 2 James G M'ICinnciv omen man M Meekin Samuel S. raic1 James Daniel M'GV Moseley lconar M'CallJokn Benj Cloak .M 'Chord BaudL. Charles Cotton James Nicholson Allen Caldwell Xelson Thomas Jon i citaland Nichol JohnS. Warren Offutt 3 Samuel Campbell Nutter James Nelson CIuilcs H. Hiliery OfTutt Nelson AgalhyB. Thomas Cac v Nichols Fredeiick Lucv Owen I os Collins Nelson Jolin Neil Charles Cap. H J oilutt Xelson Ilaniett Nimiod Cogweil Nichols Joseph P. Jane Caldwell kelson BIizi Natton I'.Uzabcth Ambrose Pitman CeiKon Bobert James Coleman Neil Jon banford Perry Lewis Castleman Neil Geoige , I LevVis Pajton Niciioik Lewis Clerk of Woodford tirrjames Plew NulAgness cuitourt -Wrilliim IVeston Wm I'uiuam P. OJTutt Hugh O'Neil Bobert Nancey Dickey OfTutt Henry Johnathan Pcachcr Oilutt Aazi-Francis Dimnington Mary Parker Osborne Bphraim Owing Llias Samuel Dcrdbiss Shadrach Pilchet Oicrton Littleton " Alex. Dunlap P Uichard Dodson Jstac Butheiford Pinknry Edward B. Phihp3 Joseph M Anne Davcis? WilhsUucker Battei-boSamuel Prcwitt lm UohiiJleAii Ahmed linclay , Button John l'ucc Jnh!T Ihos Kankm Barker James V. 1'iice Daniel James Edwards Plum Archibald Price Ann Uichard Bilord Lewis Sullivan Potter Charles Proctor Delia C. William Kdgar Mr Steverison Blather WTm Pattjbi son Charles Johp B Jiott Bobert Scarce Bolter Elizabeth Philips '1 homas Andrew I'fiiott AnnaSmidiJi Philips John Petty BansdU Nicholas W Eastland ItichtrdD Shipp Pajne Bclward Power John Sheriff W C Parker John, sen. Pool Anthony Col. Jno Fiancisco Jno. Steveusoir Parker John I odd Pare Noah Bichd ro-Jos Smith P.irkerjamesi PartloJohnG. G. Adam Summers Pitts '1 homas PuthuttJohn " Wm. Gardner Frances A Simms Pane Beiuy 2 1'atteison James l'sances Goodlce PoagcMaiy Prather Jonathan Benj Guthery Ihbs Tureman Pieston Francis Piatt John James Gay Mary Tarraut Philips Joseph Philips nni Ma.ia Lewis Gurnett "Wm Irousdail Poage Saiimel Plnhps 'J homas Lucinda Graddy Wm B Thompson Pa) nc John Pudget Wm John Gill Lakin Tarrant 0 James Gaines Jos F Taylor Quarlee Boger BussellD A. Wm. W. Giant Samuel Tillery Benntcii Lititia l Itobcitsou IsaieP. Is. Torbitt Bcdman John C. Bobeitson Joseph Thos. Harper Jane B Trabue BcjnoldsJ. Jtoocitson Wrn Noah Bay don Isham Tolbert Uichardson Jno. C.qapUucker James P Ehzabetli Harrison Elizabeth Turemir llancy liomac Kuby J. Sw C Mr Hunter Eppe Tiltery icons josepn BobeitsJohn John Ilanna h co. Archd Terrill Bcdman Ley Baizor Abram IdhnY inter V li W. Hoe Stephen 2 Boss Mr. LewisIIaller Benj Vance . Huthcifuid Joseph Bobb Joseph Thos Hays JohnD White Bced Gracey Bobe"rtson nn Wm S Hunter John Wootdndge Hussell Wm Col Boscltobert II. Dr- James C Hiter Wm Wood 2 Bichaidson John Job Bobinson Moses Elijah Hendron Geo R. Wilkins Uogcis Joseph Billy Thomas A B. Hamilton Edward B Wood Beed Isaac 2 Bush Patrick Daid Hager Green Wooldndge Sanders Lewis I'ouihn Cliarles Tully Wesley 1 hompson Aea Todd James C. hotter J. G. Taylor John M rrusjn-E. Tutt Benjamin True Wm Tedman Francis Tdd John Dr. Hambleton J.ames Hawkins Nicholas Holmes Bobert Hawkins Joseph M U inn Mary y Wooley John Young Seth Wa ker Adam' U, Young John White Uohn Yarnal Benj. 2 WTallace Christian 3 Clerk Payette C. C 8 Ao CREDIT --.Ml be given for letters m this office, under any cu cmnstances uhatcerr excet to those who haze established accounts. ' Z Stevenson Bobert Sjurpe Ibcnezer Simpson Catheiinc Scott Jolin 3 Shrock John Staik John Stoutt jedediah Smith Lewis II. J Daidb. Jickson ,SaniI i i T Townsloy Jon True James 2 Taylor Mr? 2 Id lor Hannah 2 tax lor Bobert 'l'ay lor Leonard Thompson Benjamin V Trotter W'm. sen 2i Taj lor Wm. Tumble David Todd Samuel B Todd W. Col Todd David '1 hompson Francis T.2 Vance Elizabeth ardeman Jeicmiali2 ance David Z v agoner Wm Walling Joseph n Wilson Edward J. 5omuet Tanner John TjbattsJohn W ebb Wrm It Weit Aim C Wilmia i.H. Williams James W V'arren Thomas B Wallace John Wwrcji LeViS W Jesse, seen. Cap A Kinkead Jno. Ilinkead Chesley Wooldridgc Johua Warren L Wilkinson Jerry Wilson Charles Withers Uahl J ydliams William Wood Pliebe iVaUins Douirlass YounrJOS W BHl'SQA, A. P M Versailles, Oct 1, 1820. Wm Kinkead Chailes Kenneday J 4 I Kinkead - Harris Xathaniel C. 1 Spingler Maiy Slicrclt Samuel Smith Thomas 2 SimrdJamcb Scantling Donthea Shclln James Gen- 2 Snodgrass John Smith" Clement 2 Stainton Wm. Shroud George Show ell Henjy Sharp William P. Stanhope John Sidejior John Seuat P L. Stewait Wm. M. Story G. Wm, Sulfna;i SamdclJohn Smalhf ood Joephus Stone Wm 2 bhore Susannah Schooler Lt;cy Smith J. Stevens John Stevens Thomas Sinclair John Smith John StoutfAshtou Stout Mr. Sol6mon Wm. bailee Jamas Smith IVilham Schlatter Wm Suaon Bat id S 13 Sutton & Cbictnan Summers Elizabeth L. ' Hcadenburg James B. Hooper William 1 Hawkins Warner VI John Ilcnslcy Benjamin Harper Smith Hav George Uariibun Ann U' II art Hughes Marv Heron Susan, John orHamson Uobet Ai.diew IlalsteadC. N Heiroiumus Wesley Hampton Jesse Holly man ThOmls I LingcntUter George Lindsey Wm. Lindsey James Lmdsev Bobert 'P. Lindsle KdafiUJi5 Ecmmon h Culbertson C)le Mary Eaird Wm Looncv Joseph Long Wm. Long Philip V. Gorton Wm. n. Gewis Mis , Theatre 5 Hector Law son Fanny Lonlf Uichard .Lankford David Lewis Charles heather Peter P. l&c Sophia Eouman Marianne Lewus Jeremiah LiglitnerVm. Lojde William Eincgln George Loyan Body K. Lake Iabclla Lewis William Lvman John W. .Lewis John H. XjCC Elijah Lockett John P Lewis & Miller Lafon Uichard Sfoutt Bcrjimia Sparks Lienor Girnett Zaclmiah Gan-ai- d Jeptha D. 'Hainso Kingsbury Busscll 3 L S G (Pat-Gibso- David Knight Carlton W. Kouch Mnrgai'ctt ShciBTof Payette Simms sc Nally Shamblin Geoige Sacte George Sindei? Agg) Schooler Lew is bhoward Leon l'air William J. Gardner Arthur Gran , 2 Kemper Joel Kno Sa-m- 2 Duscu William PostcrJ. Kunsee Mr. , King Mzm Kodns George W. Kcll) lary : Dukcminnccr John2 Dolb Thomas 2 A"" Knox Benjamin P Deas William Mien Si I o Drake A.B. 2 Davitss James B. Duvall Thomas Denai;. B. Downing ! ! U V. Chambci? M. Cair Patiiclr Campbell Bobert Clumbeis William Chiles Tai Uon W. CluirBluabelh ' Chiles Wilham li. Chflbnl Patrick Coons John Conhell Michael Connover Lewis JT. Coger Blizabeth Culbertson Robert Cum an Siiah Cooiu Mr. Covington Thomas Coons Nancy Caitei AVilliam.T. Ciriftl yi!bam Cr.Tter llcnrv YRtcs Ciawibrd David Campbell Elizabeth Chambeis Maxwell Crisman Peter 2 CJjill Wilham Cropper P. C. Giittenjlcn Nancy 3 Cheaney Wilham Ciaw fuii James CapsJohn Coflman David Church John Campbell Charles Cavius Mr. Chamberlain Ucv Calvert Samuel 2 Combs Lesley Cor i V Mr. Cogan John (water to Col. M'Kee Connelly Daniel 1) Dickerscn John louitt Chiller lessup Samuel B Jameson James Jones Catherine Jcilriffs John J uengling Joseph Johnson Joseph i:. aaran-Auiun- Bowhu William Buonc Samuel t n'on J D Jack it John Johnson Benjamin D. Insurance Bank president Jones Stephen Jones Ann fvev Thomas atkins Vcfr Walker Alexander Wilson James AVallace Mortimer Wnthraw Wra White Heuben Worthington Bobert 'Wilson Wm WallinsJoel White Matthew WiUatiUobt Maj Whaley Jane Wolfe Jacob White Iaetitie Walker Abran " Wiley liobeit Wilhs Abne4r. AVclch 'John Wright Alfred Rev 3 Watson William Wj Watts Ganett AVhitcomb James Welsh James, sen 2 Worthington W. GD Williams Charlotte Weeston J. W. Weeks Wm Wingate iVobfir Wright Geo. Bledsoe 2 Walker Jane Wadding Wm 4 Wilson Joseph J Wilson Braxton G Wilson Joseph v eoster iingnt tierry Wilson bner W bb. James Webb 1 homas W M ilson Wm M uicld Chas A dson Samuel alhngsford Joel AVmr-Ashin- Bass Samuel Beny George Muck Chwles 2 Booth Temperance 2 Bullock Walter Barnett W dham Babcock Henry Hates James Beauchamp John Zlarlorf XCiJ and It Each number gives a true and statement of the then selling pii-'e- s of country producQ4Ue- stock and the piincipal articlesj brougt for sale in the Baltimore market. For the sum of Five Dollars per annum to be paid in advance tfc actual receipt, of evtiy number is guaranteed. That is, when they sail to come to hand, buplicats shall be sent until every have been leceiVed. As the Editor takes the ikk and cost qf the mail on letters addressed to him should snbscription money miscany, he nevertheless, holds himself, bound to furnish the paper. "To those who may thin!; the price of subsciiption too high, it maybe remaik-cd- , that on a companson of their actual contents, one volume of the Ameiican Farmer will be sound to contain as much as sour volumes of the "Memoirs of the Agricultural Scociety of and sour of that patriotic, and and exceedingly aluablc work, sell for S12. ' To shew that the Ahicrican Farmer, is conducted in a mariner to answer the great national purposes for which it was established, and that is not undeserving the encouragement of the Agriculturists of the United states, the following testimonials are respectfully submitted others equally conclusive, might be Tan-Yar- CONTINUES TO KEEP AT THE ABOVE STA"VI, A mill Post-ofTic- Srttm Dressing, m XIX l for r Vhich he will dispose of on a3 reasonable terms as can be purchased elsewhere. til i TrfE K'e..e. ' Imperial, and Young UsohS X ' Best GHBKN COFFEU, . ncsn ed ior, AinieanTmrmcr. The following notice was addressed at their JAMES own expense, thio.igh the public papcin of the President, that state, by the board of manageis of the Justau Mrir.?, Commissioner Agricultural Society. of the Gericrd Land Uihqe. t TO 1'JIC PLANTKUS Or Ss CVUQUN & Tlie "American Parmer," vnich is, as appeals from its title, devoted pimcipally to subjects i elating to agnculture, contains a d subscriber has tor Sale at his Main-stccLeington, opposite the great variety of matter, the result of ?ciual Ilaptist Grave lard, an assortment ot LEA1 tl and well digested expei iments, embracing the and 'Shoe whole range of domestic and rural economy, Fit of all descriptions for sweh as cannot sail, is dul) obsei v ed, to be highmakers. ly beneficial to v our interests. The gieat obA GESTECAL ASSOTITMEXT OF 1LSO Tanned and Dressed Sliccp & Deer ject of this society is, to prospenty not of and theieby advance the themselves individual!, but ot their fellow Skin?, Parehmeutt Buckskin, citizens general! 1 hey believe they cannot While Leather moiccUcctudly, in this carlv stage of their Ilq his always on haiU a large quantity of oi gamzation,promolc their object, than by ic WOOL for Hatleis, CloUncis, .c. commending this paper to v our pcuisal. 1 lie He also takes Hides to Tan on Shares, and therefore take tlie liberty' to lecommend the gives CA3II for Hides. Ameiican Parmer as highly worthy of jour WM. CIRODE. attention. By order of the Homf'of Manay March 30, 1820 gers, J. J. CK.WPELL, Tanning An fiiiiittv.r.rr nT iO t.v when claimed, on all monies SOIL. remitted to the editor A fcv of the hrst volume, either in sheets or v.cll bound, with a copious ln?fex, lemain first number of the on hand for sale I''ARMER,vasissucconthP' Notes of the Batiks of North and South 2d of April? 1810 It maybe announced Ceorgiaand irginia, generally, will he as an established National work, adapted leceived at par. 03"All communications to he rddressed to to all the varieties of our climate, sinqe JOHN S. SK1NNUK, many of thc.inost eminent citizens in June 28, 1820 lUilUmote the states, contribute by their all the American Q3 Subscriptions their pcrfe, to ita circulation and its usefulness. Farmer received at the Gaxeltc OfTo make known alLdiscoveilcs in the fice, ivhcvc the xvorl: mail hesecn. sciencej and all impiovcments in the practice of a&iuculturf. and domestic , List of Letters ecovomy and to dcvclope the means in the at te- and designate plans of internal improve- - i ington, on tlie fust of October, which is (ncnts generally constitute the cluei ob- not taken cut within throe months, will he General Posbnice as jects to winch the America ft Farmer is sent to theThos Jas.Atkmson dead letters. Andeison Klii devoted. It takes no concci n or inter- Adamson John 4 Antum William. in party politics, nor in the transient Atheneum L. est 5 Allen Pdvan AbertChailesH. occuicnccs of the day. Alfyid Willi im The Farmer is publihcd weekly, on a Allen John John Capt. Annstiong Milmtla sheet the size ofa large news paper, and Allen John M. Allen Andci son William folded so as to make eight pages and to Allen l'.Iiza L Atcr Wm. admit of being conveniently bound up Allen Uithardson Adams Wm. voland preserved in volume. .Each yldridgc John . Askew Joseph Adams Mary ume will c6nsist of fifty tv o numbers, a Adams Nathaniel tchcson title page and an index, and numeious Atchmon Hambleton Anderson A. Jnlin, Jr jcnGhai?gs to represent new implc Alsop AVa&hnigton M Alviss John Allen, Sullivan &. Br'- husban- - Adams Geoige mentSjand improcds sterna of an lcsirs. YVvfc MONUOE-B- y "Benjamin Ayces, OF Till! A - For Sale op to. JRent. COTTON FACTORY Containing 108 Spindles V 3 Carding Machine every necessary appurtenance, WITH SWjd order and ready for all business. 1 his property is fitted upimmediate in a brick house, located in a aluable and good con vcnient part of the town, and will be sold sepaS tutcly or with the house to suit the purchaser Terms liberal, both as to price and time of payment: and we believe, that we can assert without presumption, that no place in Kentucky would better support an establishment of its size than Versailles, where there is, a regular and increasing demand for Cotton Yarns- - Apply to R. & W. B. LONG. Versailles, Feb. 5 tf 3Jmes Yi. Davis, ILL practice raw in the Fayette Courts His office will be sound over fli t. formerly occupied by Ja. Ilaggin, esq. first door below Frazcr's corner. He pledges himself to be diligent and punctual in business confided to him Aug 20 34tf Ti'iwetteirs aiA Others ABE informed, they can be accommodated IL Gaines's Boardins House. at bltwcen the Episcopal Church And the Public Square, bv th Day, Week, or Single Meal, iz : Boarding & lodging by the Week. S4 50 . By the ltojr, H?t i4 Dinner, . 37I : . ': Breakfast or Supper, .5 Uorge, Livery Stable prices. il Lcingtcn; Juno 2$ 1BQ - 2 N" Market-stiec- t, Xi

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