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Image 11 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 23, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN Little Cowan News Mr. and Mrs. Earl Banks, Christine and Mr. Kendall Boggs enjoyed a visit to Union Colleee at Barbourville, Kentucky where unnsiine will attend college this fall. A2C Edison Mr. and Mrs. G. Banks, son of Earl Banks return ed to Little Rock A. F. B. in Jack sonville. Arkansas wViprn he is now stationed. He enjoyed a 15 day visit with his family and friends. Patridge visited her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Pat rick Banks Thursday through Sunday. Miss Ina Mrs. Canna Day and Mr. and Mrs. Burnice Caudill visited Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Caudill and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Banks Saturday. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Vin construction business. Just goes son. to show you. Who knows? maybe Coy can teach Joe how to pour Mr. and Mrs. Hansford Craft concrete or lay blocks yet. and children are visiting in town President Lee really put it up They now are living in De to us to get our reports in. Even troit. did a lot of the work. Certainly we can't let him down. So if Sunday, August 26th is the you haven't already done so last Sunday for Rev. James Cas- get your reports in NOW. ey to be with us at the MissionTHrough some fast footwork ary Baptist Church, so why not on the part of Archie, Willard come to hear him. We regret to and Woody and we hope some see him leave the church but we makeups we saved having a can only wish for him much terrible attendance record by the success and happiness in the skin of our teeth. future and will always welcome Next week is another picnic him back in our little church. at the Swimming Pool. Bring eats and guests be there early. The The ladies of the McRoberts Pool will be open at 5:30 P. M., Church are still enioving their and we will eat 6:30. all day quilting and delicious din SEE YOU TUESDAY Evening. ners. KIWANIS Soil Conservation Robert Caudill, Myrel Brown and Stevie enjoyed a week end of Fishing at Clinch River in Tennessee. They brought back a good catch and those enjoying a fish fry at Mr. and Mrs. Myrel Browns on Monday evening were: Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Banks and Charles, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Banks and family, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Sigrest and family, Mrs. Cassel Caudill, Janice and Susan, Mrs. Russell E. Banks, Russell, Jr. and Molly, Edwin Lee Caudill Sandra Day and Mr. and Mrs. Brown and boys. 0 Mr. and Mrs. Bert C. Banks visited Mr. and Mrs. Russell Banks in Elizabethtown last week and brought Mrs. Banks and children, Russell, Jr. and Molly Vae back for a few days visit. to find out only about two dead. Rudloph Williams of Eolia plans to build a fish farm on his land in the near future. Mr. E. C. Blair and James Banks of Whrtesburg recently worked out basic soil conservation plans on their farms. Miss Polly Kincer will soon have her timber land cruised and an estimate of saleable board feet will be given. On the seventh of September the Letcher County Soil Conser vation District Board of Supervision will sponsor a Soil Conservation tour of the Letcher County Soil Conservation Dis trict. The tour will mainly concern the farms of E. C. Blair and James Banks. Watch the Mountain Eagle for further details. ROTARY CLUB WHITESBURG Mr. and Mrs. Varon Campbell and children of Beattyville, Ken tucky spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Cassel Caudill and brought Susan Caudill home after she had spent two weeks visiting in Flemingsburg and Beatty ville. YOUR ROTARY BULLETIN - Next Meeting Tuesday Aug. 21. WHO Whitesurg Rotary Club Ramona Sturgill and Janice WHAT Picnic and Swimming weekend with spent the Caudill Party Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Ison in Cum WHERE berland. Pool. 0 Doris Jean Banks has returned to Berea College Nurses Training after spending a month with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Banks. Mrs. Patrick Banks, Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Boggs and Paula spent the week end in Magoffin County visiting Mr. and Mrs Clifton Banks and Mr. and Mrs. Tolbert Montgomery. Mrs. John Long is visiting her sister Mrs. T. C. Adams m Louis Wekly Bulletin of Klwanla Club of Jenkins. Inc. We were all shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden death of Kiwanian Dennis Combs.. His friends mourn his loss to his family and community, and we offer our wholehearted sympathy to his family. "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and loving favor rather than silver and gold" Proverbs 22:1. Whitesburg Swimming WHEN Tuesday August 21 5:30 P. M. WHY What a question! I I I I J THURSDAY, AUGUST 8 jgSmL JSS0M JL Ladies BALLERINA'S CUTE FLATTIES BR0WN AND WHITE jPSP' S,ZES4T09 Ladies SADDLE OXFORDS 4' 17 Ladies QQ 2r2r orlon W00LS 100 FLANNELS A $5.00 VALUE TURTLE FANCY KICK PLEATS Sizes 22 to 30 1 Boys DUNGAREES August 16th: George Tarleton is Program Chairman, but in his absence John Pack will substitute. George has an excellent program arrang ed; so don't miss this meeting. Mr. Barney Tucker, President Kentucky Chamber of Comme- ce will be the guest speaker and his subject is "Your part in In dustrial Development". Mr. Tucker is Manager of The Knoxville Fertilizer Co., London, Ky. He has served the Kentucky Chamber as a director since 1951 and for three years was a of the Chamber. He is also a Kiwanian and well qualified to speak on industrial problems. LAST WEEK:" AUGUST 9th: Jack Chewning was in charge and Marshall Prunty presented a film featuring Highway Safety Our thanks to both Jack and Marshall for presenting this ever timely subject. at NECK ALL COLORS Sizes 34 to 40 S3.98 $2 oo jfMm A $4.00 VALUE A ItfK JTW 4 SKIRTS anrl 5WRATFRS LOAFERS STYLE i ssrsr IN SUEDES PERFECT WITH SKIRT OR DRESS Sizes 4 To 9 BLACK and WHITE WKZgMr ICC? S2 98 COATS fc J ' PERFECT FOR SANFORIZED 99c I A $1.50 VALUE up USE OUR LAY-AWA- PLAN Y TFPPFR'S A PLAN I "VHIh I I HRfiM gfr LONG SLEEVES TEt DEPTST0RE A Whiteshii TCV NEXT WEEK hum in MM i ii ill in ii mi ii w phi in in in rrwjWiMiiiK-JW- ville, Kentucky. Mrs. Shelby Sturgill and David visited in Bardstown over the week end and Charity and Dana returned home with them after spending a month visiting with relatives. NOW in Decorator Colors! MIST WHITE SAND DESERT S ACE FRENCH GRAY McROBERTS NEWS by Flora Scott The McRoberts Homemakers met at the home of Mrs. Ruby Zideroff for their annual picnic. Everyone had plenty to eat and then some of the ladies finished their trays which were very beautiful. We enjoyed having Miss Polly Kincer and Mrs. Wallace Kincer with us. Work champs of every weight class ! Stop by for the low price and the lowdown on the year's fastest workers A household shower was given for Mrs. Doris Whitaker Belcher, Friday night at the community Hall. She received many nice gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hacker and children of Florida were in town calling on friends and relatives a few days ago. Carlos and Don Sizemore, who are in the Air Force are now on leave with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Sizemore. Mrs. Jackie Collins and girls were visiting relatives in Tenn., last week. Kings-por- t, Mr. and Mrs. Don Vinson and children of Louisville, Ky., have returned home after visiting his New Middleweight Champ New Heavyweight Champ GREEN They bring you today's most advanced features peak efficiency on any kind of job! for They've got the most modern short-stroV8 enginespacking more power per pound than any ts competitive truck V8. (Standard in many and all heavies; optional at extra cost in other models.) They've got the industry's greatest lineup of transmissions! They're fully loaded with more of. the things you want! Whatever you do, get our low price before you buy! fast-worki- ng ke middle-weigh- Wheel $1 A WEEK TIE in tmks! NEW Remington (faefoM, m mi ruiuu win mum hi THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE Whitesburg, Ky. New Ckevirolet Task Only franchised Chevrolet dealers BOONE MOTOR COMPANY, Inc. WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY I I I I I I I I I HhR I " I I I W00L!- - 0 AUGUST 23rd: Program Chairman is J. L. Guests Rotarians Raymond Witt, with suggested program Webb of Man, West Va. and Wal to be on School Improvement. ter McNeill of Pikeville. Lewis, Steve, Lee, ATTENDANCE PRIZE: Absent Dave Zegeer won the prize last Dave, Jimmie, CleL We are glad to welcome Joe week. Ed Snyder brings the as a new member of our Club prize this week. and feel sure he will be a valu THURSDAY NIGHT able addition. Coy, as usual, did BELONGS TO KIWANIS an excellent job of inducting Joe, even if he is a competitor in the 23, 1956 Time Bell Ringers I THIS WEEK Vice-Preside- nt -0- I 'School SPIRIT by Cecil Ilensley Monroe Fields of Roxana set Mr. Richard Fleenor, who is out about 2,000 trees in the employed in Louisville, is spend- spring of 1956 and has been able ing his vacation at home with his parents Mr. and Mrs. John Fleenor., Mrs. Fleenor's mother, Mrs. Mary Wells of Appalachia, Virginia is also visiting them. Mrs. Wells is 93 years of age. EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY :ce Trucks display this famous trademark B0NE MOTOR SALES, Inc. JENKINS, KENTUCKY I

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