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Image 2 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), February 11, 1960

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

BLACKEY Larry Caudill How many stitches in a quilt? MlnhtV nrettv. those Lone Star quilts and good cov er, loo. now many stitches did it take to make it? Donna Walters said. "Ijiw. t wouldn't undertake to guess." Anu sne nau needled every stitch of them. The little pieces arc diamond shaped about 250 stitches each. Small star, 2,040 stitches. Big star. 34.G00 stitches. Big diamond, 22,500 stitches. By HOSPITAL NOTES old-tlm- o ah Sturgill. Admissions January 28 Billfc Day, Emmitt McElroy, Stuart Reynolds, Kellie Roark, Lctha Brown, Bertha Puckett, John Sammons. cr Mullls "Daddy!" Seems they bank buildin, which hopes to ESTABLISHED 1907 una followed tncir older Droin- - get n new pasior mis wcck cnu nn n rnnnln nf 20 Thnlmn Cornotl savs ML Olivet Entered as second class mall matter August nr Phut-Ins Back's youngun's In a natural exploratory bent up and around the hill They cot all vct and muddy And so on. Until little Lana asked Aunt Tcssic May, "Grandma, arc my pants dry yet?" LK9 tlo Lana could have meant that two ways. Thorn was reason for naminc it llin ninrlfov rhiirrhtnnn S Club instead of Blackcy Men's Border, 8.160 stitches. Total Club, which we understand something like 78.760 stitches. once existed (we'll have to ask Herman Hale about its bank All sewed up? account.) Science teacher in Letcher t nt i. High, Willie Watts will need (as churches. There are four with- a school teacher cq) to conserve in a walk around the village- every ounce of at pardon the Missionary Baptist In the old transposition of the consonants ounce of fat In that 400- pound beef he was arranging for when he called Wardrup's and learned that if he brought it In Monday afternoon, he could have it ready for the freezer Boyd, Maggie Tackctt, Thcrcsia Slushor, Estclle Caudill, Mary E. Hcnslcy, Male Gaudlll, Jesse B. Holbrook. Discharges: Alba Adams. Ken neth Bentley, Rcba Bentley, Lccman Breeding. Martha caudill, Oma Hall, Mandy Jones, Claude Owsley, John K. Ritchie, Jennifer D. Short. Admissions: January 27 Mildred Mullins. Male Mullins, John K. Ritchie, Brenda Tolson, Monroe Slzcmorc, General J. Layne, Sophia Hogg, Phylis Jean Wright, Paul H. Stewart, Frank Thompson. Discharges: Flossie Amburg-ey- , Charley Brown, Kathlcnia Ellish, Rhoda Frazlcr, William Hunsucker, Margie Miller, Sar- iMuimtam fcujW Higher mathematics in quilting WHITESBURG MEMORIAL Crippled childs agency treats 8312 patients The Kentucky Frankfort Crippled Children's Commisr tha Johnson, Danny Sergent, Brenda Tolson, Douglas Tram- sion treated 8,312 handicapped mel. 576 children and conducted Admissions. clinics in 28 locations through- 29 January Loretta Wardrup, Una Stallard, out the state last fiscal year. Lillie Pigmon, Robert Minor, establishment in Since its Alsip, Martha Caudill. 1924, the commission has treat- Tuesday Airs. Boliver Branson is re Adams, ed 44,278 patients, the agency Lula Discharges: Fin-lecuperating from surgery at Mt.' James Boyd, Betty Caudill, said in an annual report to Mary Hospital in Hazard. Combs, Ira Craft, Arnolldus Gov. Bert Combs. Davis. Easter Fields. Female Joey Logglns, son of the late It is the official state agency , Fields, Verdie Fulton, Emmetti James and Ella Caudill designated by law to adminis was in from the famib . McElroy, Ocic Whitt, Monroe ter Kentucky's crippled chil- - homo at Kingsport, Tenn., anu Sizcmore, Jerry Stansberry. Admissions: ed children program. Handicap- visited the kin, especially Mrs. January 30 Joey's brother, America Webb, Opal Bentley, ped persons 21 years of age, Callie Back Doshie Tay- whose parents or guardians arc Paul Haynes. lives in New York Virginia Madison, at lor, James Wesley Taylor. Alma financially unable to provide State and David, anothor W. Va. care are eligible for treatment Princeton, Fields. Dclmer Morgan. Discharges: Karen Adams, and hospital attention through Gene Back is recovering from Mary Hall, the commission. a broken left arm sustained in Georgia Bentley, Mildred Mullns, Male Mullins, The report said the agency's a mining accident. Stuart Reynolds, Kellie Roark patient load had increased alMr ami Mrs. Earl Watkins Vicky L. Sturgill, Phyllis Jean most 100 percent since fiscal were in from Hamilton, Ohio, Wright. while funds for visiting Mr. and Mrs. uionn year 1953-54- , Admissions: this fiscal year are less than Back. 31 January Teacher, tired, somotlmos. Paul Timothy Howard, Kenneth 10 percent more than six years I.. Rontlov. Claudia Kav Mullins.' ago. It suggested tunas ie Miss Lwila Branson finally gave v Oma Hall, Joe Craft, Creed F. maije available to: up to the flu and sent her get Met all and improve pres- - younger brother, Dean, to rvmtinnn Gladys Buckhold to supplyElam including staff en- Mrs. William Discharges: 1 Connie O ' again for her at Car-each Susie Eldridge, Anthony Fouts, harcement school. If Steve Sarah Friend, Virginia Madison. Give complete service to' child bon Glow would drive Gladys up Admissions; February 1 suffering multiple handicaps in Adams to Will O. Chapman, Navire Shep- addition to orthopedic or plas- that Caudill's Branch road each day. Carbon Glow School herd, George Polly, Paulettee tic condition now treated. Ho atrreed Johnson, Mandy Jones, Claude Expand program to include Owsley, Betty Fields. A family dinner was given epilepsy. , Dorothy Fields, Discharges: at tne nome oi mis. . were Expand program iu imiiuuc, Una Stallard, John C. Whitak-er- . Elk Creej-- present other plastic conditions. Campbell, Line Fork; cooley A greater portion of the com- - Mr anj Mrs. Henry Brown, Admissions: February 2 Jack Leona Addington, Charles Hol- mission's funds comes from pri- - Bull Creek; Mr. and Mrs. financfiil Brown, Orchard Branch; Mr. brook, Robert McCray, Richard vate grants. "Drastic cuts are in sight unless the and Mrs. Hiram Caudill and state increases its appropria-- ; Mrs. OUie James Back, Letcher; Camption," the commission reported. and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Camp- And. Said "Big' nvnrnccnrt snnro. holl rm. ciation to surgeons, pediatric Dell, i uon i wiu " SWEETER feeding Pa." ians and consultants who have got around to girls little reddish-blondTwo given the commission free servnder discipline when only nominal worn ice or received i there was screaming for Cramfees. Discharges: Sophia Hogg, Mar- Postofflce at Whltcsburg, under the act Kv., 28. 1907, at the of Congress In Regular Baptist, Elder I. uacK, moucrator; rcmccosiai, Migtist 9. 1873 n. T. Fouts. nastor; and Doer Published Evtry Thurtdny Presbyterian, mann Memorial THOMAS G1SI1. Editor and Publisher Bob Bullurd, student pastor. Group life of the community, Subscription price. In Letcher County, $1 a year heroforo centers in the churchOutside Lctchor County. $5 a year es. The men decided that any Single copy: 10 cents effort toward civic activity PAGE 2 THURSDAY, FEB. 11, 1960 should work with and draw UP nn Ihn churches. TllO name W3S mmmmmmmbmmmmmmmtmi i chosen to avoid any hint of fa voring any denomination, but serving as temporary chairman vice and copooratlon of S. M. foreman, rather to iavor them all alike, and John Buckhold as socrctary. Banks, mnlntonancoDepartment, State Highway irst project of the new club The name wil bo ratified nt - Whltcsburg. next meeting of the club is the repair of the roadway apthe Major project for the Immedv. i?nii in n fi nn n. m. inroacn to tne uiacKcy unugc of the iate future Is a cloan-uside, which Is in the Doermann church base? from the railroad down A rcsolu- - town area, especially along the ment Officers will be elected badly broken river bank a yu then, also, naroiu miuiu i mi D. p y Log-pins- - 11 OV--A " NOTHINGI, I J e 11 RENAULT Dauphine so nice ?Li the fresher refresher to come home Got plenty of Royal Crown Cola for the week end? Better atock up on these ensy totin carton of the fresher refresher. Everyone enjoys today's RC. It's sprightlier, fresher, with a delightfully less sweet taste all its own. Get RC at your favorite stora today toS 1 ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. Whitesburg, Ky. ALL-NE- W! SheafferS Sfoun&extr fOUNUIH HH CJJM1CXU Saaart bw compact dsLfB, fron modtrs peimi to ckioma cap. Uaii UU a rlla with eartridgaa of Skrtp wrtatag fluid. Cboosa hw a;froaa amart (J 6 ptot atylaal ft i Of COMPLETE WITH HEATER & DEFROSTER DELIVERED $1695.-4C.- FOR ONLY $1395. V. Hughes Motor Co. CADILLAC PONTI AC JEEP & GJA.C. TRUCKS PRESTONSBURG, KENTUCKY YOUR RENAULT DEALER FOR EASTERN KENTUCKY A JUST 5 Powerful Pleasure to Drvr ... A ThrlHy Pleasure to Ownl 995 ( take llie whrvl of a neur iimr it i OlilsiiK'I'ilt' Surging Mwpr U )unr f r llir u.llnj; . . . um new I mvph i' 1 til IttKKBr Hu-l- un irtftilur in'uif v Willi lowrr-oiM- l, DR. C. H. WILLIAMS Optometrist Announce opening of office 1 ju, on Mondays and Wednesdays UU YOUR LOCAL. AUTHORIZBO OLOBMODILB QUALITY DHALBR OURINO - 5:30 P. M, Whitesburg, Kentucky 9:00 THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE Former office of Dr. Glen McDavid COOK MOTOR COMPANY INC., U. S. SIC THC DLNNIS OIWlSHfiW IYHT WIK OM CIS.TV...WAI IOWIU THOMAS AND 1 19, Neon, Ky. W WJ MONDAY IHtU IBIOAT ON CIS IA0IO- -

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