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Image 3 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 30, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN ESTABLISHED 1907 EDITORIAL NATIONAL THE COUNTY NEWSPAPER AND THE NEON NEWS y ASSOCq-ATLOl- ' UO IP1JJIIHJ.'IU. Weekly Newspaper Published Every Thursday (The Neon News Established 1932 Consolidated with The Mountain Eagle, February 7, 1952) A friendly Non-Partisa- LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Entered as second class mail matter August 28, 1907, at the Postoffice at Whitesburg, Ky., under the act of Congress of August 9, 1873. MEMBER KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION NATIONAL EDITORIAL ASSOCIATION A Blind Man Watches Television? ? ? ? Sure I watch television, and get a great kick out of it. During the last two weeks our great party conventions have given me a thrill. This Democracy in Action in our republic gives a thrill, not. only to our own one hundred and sixty million people, but to the whole free world. Although I am a Republican I must admit the Democrat convention was much more exciting; due mainly to their particular problem of segregation. I gather from these conventions that both parties .are interested in integration, only uerhaDs the method of approach is slightly different. During the Republican Convention it took the mythical Joe Smith to arouse humorous interest. To me, the highlight of the Democratic Convention came, when Mahala Jackson sang, "The Lord's Prayer" one of the most magnificient voices I have ever heard. The high light in the Republican convention to me was, when President Eisenhower stepped before the camera to make his acceptance speech. When the colors were presented by the American Legion, or the Veterans of Foreign Wars and some stood to sing, "The Star Spangled Banner", our symbols of Freedom, it made one want to rise up and shout how glorious it is, regardless of station, to live in this great land of liberty, where a boy from the hills of Tennessee, or from the Golden West, from the great city of Chicago, or the broad plains of Kansas, has the right to aspire, the right to obtain, the greatest honor, glory, and responsibility a Nation can bestow to its people. From our local to our National, we the people control the type of governing officals we have, by our vote. If we have good Government, we may be proud, if we have bad Government, the responsibility is ours, Let's keep this priviledge by thoughtfully voting, less we loose this priviledge and are told what to do "without thinking. COSSIE QUILLEN. You can still enjoy Kentucky's lakes and rivers in late August and early September, but be sure to play safe. Swimming was once considered taboo during the "dog days," but this idea is not generally accepted today. Because this season is often very dry, there is, more danger of the swimmer's being exposed to typhoid and other diseases through stagnant water. Also, warnings were formerly issued against outings and crowded beaches during the peakof the polio season. Better sanitary facilities and the use of preventive vaccines today are protection against those particular hazards.." Accidents, however, caused by rudeness and carelessness can still make water sports quite dangerous. Last year 110 drowned in boating or swimming accidents, the largest per cent of them young men between the ages of fifteen and twenty four. of Thirteen the victims were women, nine of them under the age of twenty-five- . These accidents could have been avoided. Simple and sane do's and don't will save your life on the water. Observe the following rules for boating: 1. Know the limitations of your boat; don't overload; the number of seats does not indicate the capacity. 2. DON'T run motor boats at high speed near swimmers, boats, or docks. This is the signature of a anchored or tied-urank amateur. n 3. Be careful with cigarettes and matches on a craft. Never smoke while gassing up. 4. Don't sit or swim where you could be drawn into the propellor! 5. Always carry a light; even though you hadn't meant to stay out after dark, boats have a way of changing your plans. 6. Learn the water in your area where the stumps, shallow channels and other hazards are. 7. Learn and observe the marine laws in your section; ignorance will not protect you from a heavy fine or an accident. The rules for safe swimming are known to almost every one, but accidents still happen. Avoid becoming a statistic by observing the following: 1. Always have another swimmer with you when you. are in the water 2. If the place is unfamiliar to you, learn about it first and avoid taking chances. 3. Delay diving until you are convinced the water is deep enough for safety and free from dangerous rocks and stump's. 4. Even if you are an expert swimmer, don't overestimate your strength and skilL 5. If you swim after dark, use extreme caution and stay near the shore. 6. Don't dunk and annoy others who cannot swim. 7. Get vaccinated against typhoid and polio before you begin your swimming season. Division of Health Education. feel sure her many friends in Whitesburg join with me in wishing for her every success, in her new venture. Mrs. Nolan, we do so much enjoy the MT. EAGLE he soars into our mail box promptly every Tuesday Morning. In this way we keep in touch with our many friends in Whitesburg and Jenus very comfortable in their kins. most up to date motel in Bonita In closing may I say should Springs. you ever come this way our is out both night and day. When Mr. Polly came home that evening we gathered in the motel Do come See us. office and what a wonderful Sincerely, time we had talking of our friends and the many happy ex (Mrs. J. B.) Esther Hilsenbeck 1271 North East 130th Street, periences we had enjoyed while North Miami 38, Florida. being in Eastern Kentucky. At a late hour we retired and the folA subscription to The Moun-ailowing morning had the pleasure Eagle will keep you informof breakfast together before ed of your county happenings leaving for further travels. the year 'round. Why not drop Mrs. Polly informed us she was in when in town or better still counting the days, when the new fill out the subscription blank owner of the Anglers Paradise in this paper and mail rt in. In Motel would take charge, and the county, $3.00; out of the free her to move into a beautiful county or state, $4.00. The new home awaiting her in Nap- Eagle is a gift that your family les. She also expects to enter the will be grateful for throughout business soon, and I the year. mens are plentiful in the lakes of the Commonwealth's parks. Boat docks and fishing supplies are always nearby. Many people come to the parks in fall, winter and early spring seasons because of the complete relaxation they afford. The beauty of the parks, the loveliness of the woodland and water areas, the sheer comfort of the accommodations, and, of course, the wonderful hospitality and food for which the parks are noted combine to make every vacation, in every season, a real pleasure in Kentucky's state parks. n W. P. NOLAN, Editor and Publisher THURSDAY, AUGUST 30, 1956 EAGLE, WHITESBURC, KENTUCKY Editor, Leading Newspaper, Whitesburg, Ky. Dear Sir: Can you help me- - I am seek ing relatives or friends who can give the parentage of John Quincy Adams who lived in Letcher County about 1850. He was born in Ky., Dec. 25, 1827, and on April 12, 1848 in Letcher Co., was married to Mary Hall. They had a daughter, Elizabeth. John Q. Adams married second, Feb. 1, 1849 tfPhebe Jane Estes, daughter of Richard and Delpha (Sanders) Estes of Caswell Co., J., N.C. Three children-Richarborn Ky. 1851; Delphia Anne, born in Ky. 1853 and Isaac Henry born 1855 were born to John Q. and Phebe Adams in Ky. and the family then moved to Lafay ette County, Missouri where sev eral more children were born. I would like to correspond with anyone knowing anything about this Adams family as I am compiling a family history. Would like a copy of your paper. Thank you very kindly, Your truly, Mrs. Willis K. Baker Post Office Box 50, Artois, California. d PASTEST GROWING CITY FILLING STATIONS MOTELS LAUNDRIES TOURIST ATTRACTIONS DEWEY POLLY REALTY 904 Naples-on-the-Gu- For All Your Insurance Needs, .Contact Whitesburg Insurance Agency WHITESBURG FHA - VA and Conventional Loans KENTUCKY STATE FAIR! GREATER SPECTACULAR ATTRACTIONS! THAN EVER! WORLD'S GREATEST HORSE SHOW ICE CAPADES INTERNATIONAL BARNES & CARRUTHERS STATE FAIR REVUE BIG TOP CIRCUS THRILL SHOW PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL GENE AUTRY, ANNIE OAKLEY & COMPETITIVE RODEO FARM MACHINERY DISPLAYS LIVESTOCK EXHIBITS EDUCATIONAL EXHIBITS COUNTY EXHIBITS EXHIBITS OF NATURAL RESOURCES WOMEN'S DEPARTMENT 4-AND FFA EXHIBITS MERCHANTS' AND MANUFACTURERS' EXHIBITS MORE COLORFUL THAN EVER! DON'T MISS THIS FAIR! 'BRAND-NEW- " . And Many Exciting Special Events! SEPT. 7--15 FAIRGROUNDS, LOUISVILLE More Americans have died in highway accidents since 1900 than in all U.S. wars, according to Readers's Digest for Septem ber. The eight wars since 1775 have taken a toll of ,130,393 American lives while highway accidents since 1900 have killed a total of 1,149,414. -- in Decorator Colors! DESERT SAGE FRENCH Typewriter Ribbons Bond Paper Carbon Paper Mimeograph Paper and many other supplies. MOUNTAIN EAGLE 6UI A GOOD LESSON TO LEARN! Give your youngsters 'OmT RAWOCtB OTHAl WWTE OOlDtN fe I JL WAJTlf a helpful start by encouraging them to develop the habit of . saving regularly! Set them an example by openings a saving account at our bank Add to it regularly and watch it grow, at our high bank rates, into a college education for your children . . . and a worry-fre- e future for you! motor-drive- er Florida DICK GOODLETTE, Associate PHONE 2265 p There is no closed season for four of Kentucky's fine State parks. Cumberland Falls State Park, Lake Cumberland State Park Kentucky Lake State Park, and Kentucky Dam State Park reinain open year round. These four vacation spots offer excellent accommodations of every type for every family need. All afford the visitor pleasures galore . . . fishing, boating, hiking, games, "and relaxing at its most enjoyable best. Kentucky Lake State Park with its beautiful Kenlake Hote and many lovely cottages, is a favorite spot with many. Nearby Kentucky Dam State Park, with its village atmosphere lodge and cottages, also draws many family groups and fishermen again and again. This year, for the first time, controlled hunting will be available at Kentucky Dam State Park. Lake Cumberland State Park and Cumberland Falls State Park in Eastern Kentucky offer a more rustic but equally comfortable vacation. Lodges and cottages are yours at both installations and beautiful surroundings add even more to the guest's pleasure. Lake Cumberland will also offer duck hunting this. fall. Fall Fishing is a favorite sport within Kentucky's parks. Lakes are always close at hand and the catches are outstanding. speci Crappie, trout, bass, catfish, and many other fresh-wat- 5TH AVENUE lf Estill Blair, Mgr. Ken-tuckia- WHITE SAND E IN FLORIDA'S real-estat- e TRY US ON YOUR NEXT PRINTING ORDER Prompt Service Good Printing GREEN five Talking Book records in Portuguese for blind persons unable to read with their fkiger tips. Embossed Scriptures have now been sent to the blind around the world in FORTY-ON- GOING BUSINESSES n real-estat- e, - MIST of Scripture passages from both the Old and New Testament on 000000000, latch-strin- g Whitesburg, Ky. Aug. 21, 1956 Dear Mr. Nolan: About two weeks ago my husband I decided to take a spin to Naples, Florida, and on up the west coast. We had seen the Dewey Polly Realty ad in the Mt. Eagle, of course we didn't know for sure it was the same Dewey Polly who had lived in Whites burg. Well, when we reached Naples, we found much to our delight, it was the same, selling right and left. Wanting to see Mrs. Polly we went on about fourteen miles to a quiet spot called "Angler's Paradise". We found it to be just that, and Mrs. Polly made NOW The American Bible Society announces the publication for the first time of the New Testa ment in Portugese Braille. The entire New Testament in seven large volums is just off the press A number of copies are already on the way to Brazil. The Society has also recorded a small volume J WHITE "JaileStfttup OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT AT OUR BANK TODAY! THE BANK OF WHITESBURG Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Whitesburg, Kentucky Usa Wherever Recipe Calls for Corn Syrup THF NEW 0m - Remington QritfAffit TIE INLY POITAILE - THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE Anywhere in the World for Only $4.00 CLIP AND MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY: WITI MII1CLE TAI Complete Line of Office and School Supplies Remington Typewriters and Adding Machines SOLD ON EASY TERMS THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE Whitesburg, Ky. Subscription Blank to The Mountain Eagle The Mountain Bftfle, Whitesburg, Ky. Enclosed please ii4 ( ) $4.00 for The Mountain Eagle out of the county; ( ) $3.60 far six nontks out of county; ( ) $3.00 for 1 year in the county; ( ) $2M for six months in the county; Subscription price to The Eagle for Date Please mail The Eagle to: 000i0m INSURANCE ALL KINDS See Garnett Insurance Agency Telephone 326 HAZARD KENTUCKY NAME Address Sincerely yours, Signed: ..

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