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Page 238 of All that's Kentucky : an anthology / edited by Josiah Henry Combs.

ALL THAT'S KENTUCKY The cold, pale daylight. Oh, the tender themes That Memory whispers of the crystal wine Of dewdrops, and the clinging silvery twine Of mosses where the Southern sunset beams! Thou'rt like that Indian Flower of the woods Transplanted to the alien English soil- Sad Pocahontas, 'mid the streets' turmoil Remembering the forest solitudes, And ever yearning, with a savage pain, To roam among her own green glades again. -Lula Clark Markham. KENTUCKY [Read by Mr. Thatcher at the close of his speech at the banquet given by Kentucky friends, at the Galt House, Louis- ville, May 2, 1910.] Kentucky, 0 Kentucky, Thy fame hath traveled far; In all the mighty civic sky There is no brighter star. We love thee for thy Lincoln, George Rogers Clark and Clay; For Boone and all the master men Who made thine early day. 288 -

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