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Image 3 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 14, 1927

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

t oilier rlaraware Lorapaay Rev. Lowry Bowman, of Haz- ard, visited Stuart Robinson Supt. W. L. Cooper, Jr., made a trip to Atlanta, Ga. Our boys and girls spent the .voek end beginning April 1 at their homes. Rev. E. V. Tadlock, of Winchester, filled the Blackey pulpit April 3. His many friends were glad to hear him. Yvii sell you one of the BEST RANGE STOVES made for $50. KITCHEN CABINETS $36.50 -- " We al.o carry a fulland complete line f VARNISHES AND PAINTS Geo. K. Scmple, of CALL AND SEE UC Philadel- phia, Pa., has just finished a series of evangelistic services here. Much interest was manifested in the meetings and practically all the students either Consecrated themselves or came out for Christ. Donald Fullerton of Plainfield, N. J., accompanied Mr. Semple and assisted in the meetings Mr. Fullerton is 'still with us, and has endeared himself to the boys and girls by his, talks on his travels and his war experi- Kaunas Green Seal Paint GREEN SEAL Paint The ornamental finish which this paint imparts seals the wood surface against decay, and thus lengthens, the life of the property. GREEN SEAL gives real property insurance. Have GREEN SEAL Paint used in repainting your home. The homes in your vicinity , which you admire lor their yearTOund attractiveness are most likely all "GREEN SEALED Master Commissioner's Sale The growing mash that'll do it is Purina Chick Growena. It contains buttermilk and vitamin potent cod liver oil. Put it to work for you. We have a fresh supply! fy CHICK BJ lyGRHMNfiDf UMftOWlNG MASH Ml WHITESBURG WHOI ESALE - CO., WHITESBURG, KY. i The Store with the Checkerboard Sign 1 CLOTHING SALES and a bargain in each sale Suits Coats Hats Dresses Shirts Stockings Collars Shoes Ties Every Saturday 10 a. m ' to 4" Stuart Robinson School Blackey, t 5)() Kentucky The short train gets to the Stu-- , art Robinson at 8 a. m. and leaves at 4:p.m. making it very convenient for residents of McRoberts' and Whitesburg, nearby points. ' () Letcher Circuit Court Swift Coal & Timber Co., plff., vs. David Hays, et al, deft. By virtue of a judgment and order of sale of equity of redemption, made at the Jan. term 1927, of the Letcher Circuit Court in the above styled cause, I will offer for sale to the highest and best bidder at the front of the court house in Whites1! burg, Letcher Co., Ky., on ths 2 day of May, 1927, between the hours of 10 a. m. and 2 p. m., it being County Court day, the following described property, to-w- it: speed up big plump broilers quick. 1 All the lots and property situated on Long Branch of the North Fork of the Kentucky Paver, conveyed Jo David Hays from J. H., Gibson and wife by dead dated the 4 day of Septem ber 1920, and recorded in deed book 59 page 375, to which reference is made for a more specific description. 2 Lots Nos. 44 to 51 inclusive in the Long Addition to the Tovn of Whitesburg, being the same lots which were conveyed to David Hays from Chas. Blair and wife by deed dated the 27 day oft December 1921, recorded in deed book 60 page 219. .3 All those lots nad property situated on Long branch in j'Letcher Co., Ky.., being a por tion pf the Long Addition to the property, or so much thereof as with a certain deed of conveyance from John Long and wife to David Hays, dated Jan. 6, 1922, recorded in deed book 62, page 77. 4 All the lots and property sit m uated on Long Branch and being a part of the Long Addition to the Town of Whitesburg which were conveyed to the said David m Hays from S. A. Long by deed dated Jan. 26, 1921, recorded in deed book 60 page 198. I Except the land conveyed by David Hays and wife to Emmett Dunpan by deed recorded m deed book 65 page 317. The sale will be made upon a credit of six months, and ' the purchaser will be required to ex- ecute bond with approved surety for the payment of the purchase f . j se DRS. SANDERS office. Second Tract e, Lying on creek, in Letcher Co., Ky., and being the same property conveyed to Leonard Croucher by Benjamin Adams and Sally Adams by deed dated Dec. 29, 1908, which deed is recorded in deed book 36 page 446 records of Letcher County Court clerk's Rock-hous- m 8c ELLIOTT DENTISTS FLEMING i K Y. Our practice demands nothing but the best of materials and service. It is getting'better, owing to the fact that we are g progressive along these lines: i .Teeth are being extracted daily in our office, without pain. Painless Extraction method treed. 1 I the new "blocking" We have divided our time on Thursdays. One of us can be found at Millstone. The other at Fleming. :fKI!BllKEKKEEI i.n Three Hundred Thousand Dollars In Three Years THOUS- vice, . j " est Priced Jp: of its Type m me brld - A LETTER TQ EDITOR Dear Editor As I am now in school in the Eastern State Normal School, and Teachers' Col- ege, will you please send my-Egle to my present address, 160 , Sport Cabriolet a SmithrBallard St., Richmond, Ky.?' I am always anxious to get the Eagle and to know what is going on' in Letcher county, although my home is in Clay county. I have taught school in Letcher for two years and think it a very fine county. There are several students here now from Letcher and about 60 from Clay. Anxiously waiting for the next issue of the Eagle. Julia Ann Peters. Ofte New and Finer TRIBUTE I was sorrv to learn of the death of my good old friend, D. D. Fields. To his wife and chil We dren I extend sympathy. will all miss his kindly and smil ing face. I could feel his heart in his hand when he took my hand. I always felt sure ot a Mason's sr'm and a brother in Christ. I loved him. Denomination was no barrier between us Thos. D .Walters. Hindman, Ky. Rising above all barriers of price and class, the New and Finer Pontine Six Sport Cabriolet stands forth as one of the smartest and most beautiful cars in the world today. Fichcr craftsmanship achieved a masterpiece' in the creation of its lines and now Oakland amazes the entire nation by offering the Sport Cabriolet at a price never before associated with such surpassing brilliance, such arresting style and thrilling . C'.l:n5ix,$i025to Truly, in the Pontiac Six Sport Cabriolet have been attained a distinction of appearance and a degree of quality which its astonishingly low price does not even suggest. Only an inspection will reveal its revolutionary value. Come in and see .. NEW LOW PRICES - $775 Sport Cabrio!4-pM- ) $835 Sedan Coupe - - - - 775 DcLuxe Landau Sedan 975 Sport Roadster 775 DeLuxePanelDelirery 770 er performance. Landau Sedan 695 DeLuxe Screen Deli very 760 $1295. Bodia by Fisher. AH pricct at factory. 'Ears to pay on the General Motor! Time Payment Vlmu 1 KYVA MOTOR CO. Whitesburg Millstone I BiiBKBimmi announce to homefolks that Andrew Holb- 392. rook;-an Also the tract of land conveyr enthusiastic student ed to Leonard Croucher by Hizzy from Colly, has been chosen to represent his class in the ora- Caudill during the year 1914, the torical contest to be held here on deed to which tract is not recordApril 18. Andrew was a member ed upon the records of the Letchof the basket ball squad, a mem- er County Court clerk's office. The amount to be raised by Three years ago, April first, Letcher State Bank ber of the social committee, and now the pick of his class in ora- said sale is the sum of 500 with opened for business. We have had a steady interest thereon from the 24 day growth of more than a HUNDRED tory. The following is a list of the of Jan. 1927 until paid and all AND DOLLARS A YEAR in resources, since Letcher students at Richmond: the cost of this action. that time. The sale will be made upon a We call vour attention to this srrowth with nride James Adams, Sarah Adington, Norman Burke, Edgar Banks, credit of 6 months and the pur--j and invite you to open an account with this Astor Boggs, Velda Combs, Mae chaser will be required to exe- -, GROWING BANK. We believe that our solid Day, Hubert Caudill, Mildred cute bond withapproved surety strength, and friendly, confidential ser Dean, Oma Fields, Ercel Frazi- for the payment of the purchase wjH attract VOU. er, Dewey Holbrook, Ivah Par- puce aim a lien win ue mutiiieu sons, N. E. Skaggs, Abbott Hol- upon the land as additional se- - i brook, Leona Potter, Polly Kin- - curity. Said bond will bear legal cer, J as. NY right, David u. cau- interest from date of sale and dill, Mrs. Edith Rice Caudill, Ha- have the force and effect of a zel Hall, George Hale, Leona Craft, Leonard Creech, Lonnie Master Commissioner Letcher Yonts, Janey Wright, Vera Rali"i innnnnr n eigh, Herbert Haynes, Jno. HolSweet Potato Slips For Sale WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY brook, Earl Frazier, Dorothy Nancy Hall and white sweet AsDraughn, Andrew Holbrook, potato, equal to White Spanish. tor Boggs, Gertrude Dean, Ivah (C Price 25c per 100. Cash with orA Friendly Bank for a Friendly Community." Collins, 'Lenore Cornett, Astor der. Call or write W. E. PendleBrown, Landen Bentley, Velma ton, Dongola, Ky. Boggs, Mae Burke, Willie nrlrin anrl o Han 11' i i n vnf i In nrl upon the property as additional Funeral services for Robert B. Security. Said bond will bear le- Franklin will be preached the gal interest from date of sale lrist Saturday in Anril and first and. have the force and effect of (Sunday in May by Eld. Rillie E. L. Frazier, j Bobinette'and others. The public a judgment. Special Com. L. C. C. ' is invited. 11 () Lying on Rock-houcreek in Letcher Co., Ky., and containing 2 acres more or less and being the same property conveyed to Leonard Croucher by General Adams and Martha Adams by deed dated March 14) 1916, which deed is recorded in deed book 52, page 384, records of Letcher County Court clerk's - LEWIS BROS., Whitesburg, Ky. What you do want is the growing.mash that'll mature your young pullets into early laying hezyy laying birds, and that'll First tract two-sco- re ful for the consoling words, kind deeds, the beautiful flowers, and above all, for the great respect shown by everybody. Mrs. D. D. Fields and the Children. a. ty: se homes. We don't claim they'll grow over night on Grovv-enYou don't want' them to. Sunday School Day will be observed with a special program it the Methodist church, next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. This is a day that is being observed at this time in all Methodist churches, and has for its purpose the interesting of the vvhole church membership, in the Sunday School work. A special program has been prepared, in which all of the age groups of the Sunday School Tin take some part and it will be a program of interest to all those who realize the tremendous val ue to the church of the consreva-- J tion of childhood, and youth. This service will lake the place of the regular preaching hour, and the public is cordially invited to attend, and to enjoy the program, which will be under the direction of Mrs. H. ft. Harris. As special features of the service, there will be baptism of infants, and the awarding of credits recently taken in the Leadership Training School held in the local church. ences. W. A. Hillis, of Los 'Angeles Bible Institute, is at Stuart Robinson and will speak to the stuMr. dents at the noon hour. Hillis is accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Kinzie, of Kryton, and Mrs. Shrike, Bible teacher in RiverOUR FOLKS AT EASTERN side school. pffiee. Stuart Robinson clinic will be Letcher county is still in the Third Tract Lying on Rock-houpostponed to May 3 and 4. creek in Letcher Co., Ky., front ranks with the number of containing about 18 acres and students enrolled. The CARD OF THANKS being the same land conveyed to mark was reached Friday. We wish to thank all who in Edgar Banks and Miss Velda. Leonard Croucher by Benjamin any way assisted us during the Combs seem to be in better spir- Adams and Sally. Adams, Jonah late illrtess, death and burial of its after a short visit with the Ison and Polly Ison by deed dat D. D. Fields, our beloved hused February 21, 1903 which deed homefolks. band and father. We are grateis recorded in deed book X page We- are proud to The home exterior is both beautified and protected by the use of Hannahs ere's whatll make fan grow STUDEBAKER'S NEW WINDSHIELD IS GREAT SUCCESS Master Commissioner's Sale Letcher Circuit Court Millie Croucher, plff. vs. Leonard Croucher, deft. Bq virtue of a judgment and order of sale made at the January term 1927 of the Letcher Circuit Court in the above styled cause, I will offer for sale to the highest and best bidder at the front door of the court "house in Whitesburg, Letcher Co., Ky., on the 2 day of May 1927, it being County Court day, between the hours of 10 a. m. and 2 p. m., the following described proper- Monday. NEON. KENTUCKY 1 SUNDAY SCHOOL DAY, FAPTISM OF INFANTS AT METHODIST CHURCH

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