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Image 2 of Daily Louisville Democrat, September 29, 1855

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

r WANTS. NEW REMEOYI NO POISON! NEW PRINCIPLEI and the Democrats white. So far as I as w tham, Tan sty All Sorts ot Paragraphs. Police Court. did cot seem to be in a hurry to vote, and I requested him several times to go In: be said be would wait until RON'. GEO. W. JOHKSTOX, JCtOg. The business of the city is reviving. Merchants the crowd was out of the way. At length he went up ANTED. A LAIiGK DOUBLE JOB FRIXTIXG ESTABLISHMENT fuM as xn ftblishid bt ear the door, evidently with'the intention of going in are bu.-- y with the country trade, and we may ex About this time there more than fifFeidat, Sept. 28. applicti.-by to tlm ortn-& CO., to vote. twenty persons standingwas not to the entrance pect a prosperous and active HUGHES Of THE teen or close up Michael Mooney was ud for bcin? drunk and fll trade. door to the pous, a large majority of whom were Ivmo-craOr Antidote to Malaria, T ANTED. ANY PERSON HAY THIRD STREET, disorderly; bail in $200 for three months. There was a large crowd in the passage hallooIf you want to know the way to the penitentiaFOR THE PBETKMIOX AND CURE OF In a fire Shot Can f douWs barrel 1. and w'h. for Sam, Just then I saw Wm. uray, for an aisanlt on Thos. Molntvre: OFFICES ON between Market and Jefferson itreeU. ing doorkeeperMarshall, ar.dMoorbead. one for coming ry, foilow the man who believes that the world East Uie bf it, wUl Cud a purchaser by applvin at the other dooi the bail In $200 to answer a misdemeanor. Fever and Ague, or Chill Fever; Dumb Ague, and t Jr1"1 wsy to re- "owes him a living." (BETWEEN MaaSET AND JimMO.1,) out admit several persons, and walked thst and Remittent Fevers; also, , One felony case continued. Other Intermittent SPECIAL ADVERTISING NOTICE. All adver- monstrate with him on his conduct, wheno rI "heard some We clear In private, place a watch upou your thoughts. tisements of Public Meeimgs Masonic, Odd Fellows", one exclaim, "We will take these polls," GOOD COAT, V EST, of Bilious Fevers, accctr.panied by Typhoid BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. ' Firemen's, itc., are charged fifty ceut per square of these polls." Immediately there was a rush of people W The Mechanics' Fair Fourth Night. The Symptoms: Typhoid Fever, Yellow and Pant. Makers. ten burs Mile the first insertion, and five cents past Die Taoaev and some other Irishmen running and In a crowd, place your thoughts upon your watch. The Proprietors of the Democrat respectfully solicit HChlKN, LTWENTIIAI. ft CO. Jail Fever, GenFever, Ship and a crowd pursuing with sticks, short and heavy, and haU WM filled each subeo,oenl insertion. last n'gQ- - with a gay, fashion I t. eeU Corner fifth and Min Merchants, and Steam those of their Advertisement ot tuluations Wanted, Religions, aome of tliem having metal on the end of them They By not doing this, Smithers lost a hundred dollar eral Debility, Night Sweat.', much too Chari'.ahie, alan-iagand Obituary Notices, of live lines were not ordinary walking sticks, but were been made chronometer the other day, while witnessing the ex- able and delighted throng. The first sound thnt boat owners who are in want of any kind of and all other tonus 01 ANTED, BOARDERS. SEV- short to be used for walking, nd must have are charged twenty-- ve oenU each insertion. of struck our ear as we entered was the mu-tidisease, by the w AdTen--.cuiii.era! gentlemen and familiea can be aeeomme published in the morning iaper for the purpose of fighting. The crowd rushed on utter hibition of a dog fight. next to Tausey and others to the end of the court-housdated with excellent fioardin. by applyin ajv inserted in ttieevruir.g edition at half price. on Jeifar-so- n band. We have been informed that it was a new 0 rail and leave their orders at tiie above establishment, WHICH HAVE A COMMON ORIGIX I shouting ''Move himP "Kill them!" and street, south side, anove evoad. A few Day Board tjTAU. laaaauiFiT Aovaa.isaitaKrs rAitiu tn Hxih A gentleman passing through the depot in Buf era can also be acommodnted. am ant a. sucb like hurrahs, but returned in moment and said falo to take the cars, with an unbrella on his arm, band, the members of which have been performing where they can have their work executed in a superior OR .11 1 AS 31 A. .MALARIA they had jumped off Uie passage on the pavement. together only about one week. If this be so, they manner, and upon the most reasonable terms. A N T E D BOUNTY LAND ripHESE DISEASES ARE COMMON And bore is the statement of Mr, David Wright found, after taking his seat, a watch and chain SATL'KIJAV. SEPTEMBER 29, 1S55. dangling from tho whalebones of his umbrella. piay & JL to many localities of thrj United States; but wheradmirable Warrants, for which the hishe--t price will ha time, per-D- e Webster & Brother, Daguerreotyplsta to the same effect: all had unwittingly p.cked the pocket of .some v. 1. Bii.sAttitAr. in ever they prerail. North, South, East, or W e.t, theyThe paid. at. tjeij smoothnefs. Photographers. h considerable fonn and, indeed, nuallv spring from the aaiue miaamal cauje. I went to the court-housto vote, on Monday morn-inThe Weekly Democrat. 1 I got to the door nJ.nt hH.,.uQi ANTED. A WOMAN. WITH- GaLLiRT 473 Main street. Specimens of their own great Variety of symptoms and foruu of diseitse, is excellence ; there is not that harshness from their sen, constituWe hare Ftill on hand copies of Saturday in principallv to was there, I thuik, nearly an hour, trying to get'in. The term lop, appliod to the dance, by our out incumbrance, wtui n-- u at all hours during the day. owing and hahits of theditference but ae,the cause is the m'A as sutterer; -.tion, instruments in aorf passage which we should production on exhibition .juuuui-uoi mended, as a iron-r- . noise, naiiooing a for iiurrau aft--for fashionables, was used in this sense more edition of the Weekly Democrat, containing the Instruction in both branch imparted on reasonable same, they will all equally yield to a remedy that is com- eral ivice will cool, wiher. and to NATHANwh'tnII IT K, but no Violence or r than a expect and be willing to n.ui l.--t.i- i W be ien. Apply petent to oTercome or reiuve that ettuae. excuse in a newly organ- terms, and Anoaratosfumiahed when desired. fel o'clock. fall history of the Louisville rioti. Persons wih-- i nineheu 1 was in the sej JU By the laws of nature, every princii te has its orP- - on Fourth, tietween Main aud M urkrl sts. crowd that was pressing to get in century ago. A writer in 1731 speaks of a disrep I site, and for eTerv disease, or cause of dieae, there ! teen them with or without envelopes, ran be "ap- Ut vote, 1 saw a number of men rush in the eastern utable aasombly for dancing, as "a three penny ised band. We understand the same company will & or, in oiner worus, a apecinc remedy, vii J. S. BAM aS RUB a. a door vt the court-hous.a. a. a"inBt.a. play for the Rescue Fire Company at tie grand saying "Let us take these I kH makJns; Thotocrarhs of Ladies and Children in Mlkrtrjitf m hether arising from Marher. Stagnant plied al the rate of five cent per cop. -- - t:iean oui uie uaiuneu insn." One 01 them hop." of anmai and Teaetable matter, or xvnnil. and of trontlemen in from Ler. decomt-o-iitiorm tn tn parade to oome off next month. who so came in knocked dow n an Irishman who was BAMBERGER BROTHERS, ven newly cleared laud, is the same in character anil Photo- near the eat door of the court-housThey tumbled to forty seconds, .those desiring Tiie Ijouisville Journal's Orders floatma in the atm.ol.ere. emuxiua In our perambulations of tho hall we stopped a twenty-fiv- e Tho attendance at the Mechanics Fair night af him down the steps, and from the platform. They then lFOBTS& a.lO WHOUiiaLS BBataM v graphs Who cannot sit me ordinary tune 01 a annate to disease to ail who breathe it. in accordance withiao. a ruu at. ana -. admire unalterable laws covernlng the were the paajre. FOR RIOT AND BLOODSHED uiaue inthe west xanaeyTansevreeney, two irishmen mat ter night shows that our people generally take a few momentsistomade O. Simon's portable steam two minutes without pain to the eyes, are invited to give aUting between opposite, there unerrina; alhcr.v nb- - : T-- aiaVJrr ntiH Cfonln Tl-T- -r CrrA n and t'eenev both ran to vrwuvao, .iat is in the preparation wards end of the court house, Uie crowd pur- deep interest in th success of our own mechanics. J engine. It for service, not show, and is me a call. before us, offered to the public, suing and shouting, both Tausey and Feeney were PMlirmi HKIFII'V a At the Polls at the late Election. THE NATURAL ANTIDOTE TO MALARIA, quiet anu orderly. either 01 them were noisy or mis- Hundreds of gallant men and beautiful women grace J just in the condition of an engine to be used where STS., (Up We republish the paragraph from the Louis- behaving tu any wsy. poison it comes In Which neutraliies uau ivn mwr jirweiice nigauj. w i(nii is not at all a requisite. It is of 12 horse Cncolored Photographs, - Daguerreotype size 31 00 contact with it, eventhe the open whenever whenlaaen CORNER FIFTH AND MAINLOl'I3YILtK.Stairs), or less in air, and Here were two K T. sett whose veracity the 00 ville Journal of the fourth and sixth of August. Duplicates each completely pur.fies the system aUecteii iy A very handsome young bride was observed to power, moves very smoothly and resrularlv. has verv 60 00 internally Fer hundred intiuence, aud thus restore and preWhether they produced what happened, or were editor of the Journal will not dare to question. uu 111 a uccu rcuoruun on ner weaainK aay. une little friction, and will nr. btA:,. 275 00 it of its baneiu. INVITE ATTENTION OF Per thousand serves health. a& Co r ad--. I ' Ww r v. Life size bust mTchnts to our larste stock of Foreif n trnd the offspring of the spirit that made the streets of ilr. Wright was at the polls nearly an hour, saw f k krM-in- ;ll The remedy is believed to be entirely new, and un 15 00 Domestic staple and Fancy Dry toxl, which we havi 1 any but the proprietor, who distinctly claim was thinking" she renlied. omical piece of property. Mr. Simon deserves great Colored whole Daguerreotype site or less the mob, and heard the cry ''Let 'a take these meditations. 60 W known to Louisrille run with blood, let each one judge Half life bust just opened tor the fall and winter trade. following extraordinary results trom it use: v e Deiicve 75 00 the c biu-- -i "wnicu 01 my 01a oeaux 1 snouia marry, in case I icrwtinv iu prouuctiou. it is tne Vnll life bust .n iu It kiIi instantly check tne aaue in person who have the iipiiiiuianafactururs, en- - prune! krr -f th-- , Trnm l'ju 00 for himself. In either case the guilt of the wri- polls, and clean out these damned Irish." Ronald should ever become a widow." receivrd best f to twiv d::j. rl a u suffered for aiiy lemrth of time, from 0!b first ever made in Louvisvilln. Tt iaat n;rh f uU life, including hands. saw and heard the same thing. Neither of these da u a bi. My work is all warranted. No pictures now go out of ty vsaas, and by continuing its une, according to the iur wic d ter &nd publisher is plain. w op attir. "rn- -i " i.n nu iir.n sir-- . A wealthy farmer in the State of 'ew - attached to acorn-mil- l, and was erindinz out the my room but those made by myself. lirwtuina. a radical cure will be etlerted: the patieu Let it be recollected that these paragraphs ap men saw Tanscy with his pistol in hand, nor heard ing engaged in a law suit witn a Mr. Havens, continuing free from the complaint for evor; unlesisub meal in fine style. As we have said before, it is t7Daguerreotypes as usual from tl up. use again 7E HAVE Jl'rtT f)PE.VEirOL7ri sequent exposure to malaria should make peared in the face of universal apprehensions of any murderous threats. The fact of tie Journal necessary. W fall and winteT stock of Stp!e an,l Funcv Drr THEODORE HARRIS, engine-bo- iler -- SauireWells-sir-if and all being set on ; 'thesuteof tn it operation upon the poison in the system, it wih- Good", suited for the approaching season, consisUtig oC manufacture, or it is violence, and were evidently intended to inflame is of the editor's own Kimball's old stan 1, 477 Main street, imuieuialeiy reueve all the symptoms of bilwoolen ami Ck'lien isoou-- ; agin me, I want you to karry it nn to a higher wheels, capable of being removed from one ilace Between Fourth and Fifth street. by one of bis mob. j v30 diseases, and when tne uiseaso is eured, It Striped GiK).f; one side and intimidate the other. They are inious or corf e, lor uoa Knows 1 tton t owe nun one cent. J to another as circumstances may require. will entirely prevent the accession of It would l.inensami H hire Good: It is also true, says the editor of the Journal, dications from the leader of mob violence. Flannels; printed and fany Good; GENERAL DKBILITV AND NIGHT SWEAT?, I accompaniment to Carpenter's The South Kentucky Grand Division, an adn-irabGrief is bad for digestion. Lose a pocket-boo- k Woolen an l Cofon il ..try: We intend they shall s Und for a while, till all that, in returning from the polls to hia den of Which so often fodow thii administration of other American a model of which is on exhibi- Potable saw-mil- l, The IN ACCORDANCE WITH medicines. streu-;U- i, patient at once begins to recover ap- Tosrther with aand Euitlih Prints; of Fancy tJoo.l. t-Tansey exhibited his belt containing two fifties and a ten, and you will not lare artnierit men are familiar with them. Let any one read, armed bullies, he aud continues to improve until re- which we invite the attention of prompt time ife'A'lthe petition and charter, will be organized at petite and care for food for the next throe days. The next tlon and waica we 8naU describe another time. WEDNESDAY, Oct .ber I'Hh, stored to perlecl health. and dare say that lawless violence at the polls is tuck full of murderous weapons, and savagely lZz Another novelty of Louisville manufacture, and sHJBkli Henderson, on By ue, time flour goes up, try it on. Every duly elected and certified W. 1. every itsimily Fever aud Ague may be banished from Corner Main and Fi.-.- street, up st.ur. se7 class in tiie community : fanner, mef not here pointed at more clearly and effectually complained that he was not allowed to use them. W. P. will be entitled one in which we were interested is J. E. Priest's Pa and P. requested to attend. to participate, and are ear chanics, and and Inhering people may be using this arall nestly A tailor in London has invented a waistcoat on AWLS. There it is again, on the fiim.-- y support of a bare than if it had becojjd vised in direct terms : ticle as a CI1A3- EGINTON, D. M. W. P. s. aea7 dittwtwl ging machino for We call it a nov PREVENTIVE, plaid WooVn 3haivU,a- - and the principle of Colts revolver a garment with One of the police officer inform ni that Le never before assertion of the editor. oo; elty, not because it is a new invention, but beja no ion, Farm for Sale. And pursue their respective avocations in perfect 111 so uinn Irishmen an he see hire now. II he 60 d do; We advise the editor, in making out his affida four fronts, useful to secure the charm of variety cause Mr. Priest is, the first mechanic of from ague and biliou attacks during the ockly aa-aoboid lhew hourly in squads all over the city, and he psJ Louisville Cloth Shawls; TO SELL THE FARM which is often to them the most valuable part of ijot where they were brought from. Their faces auos advised foreigners to bhoot down every or to conceal shabbiness or grease spots. are trance to turn. Noduul they came both to vote and vit that we who has produced one. In the machines hereto- I reside, on the Louisville and Oldham tne year.the introduction of the CURE in every part ol Received and for sale by BMBERGKR Dll Since to hnUUlli .urn I'lie of the operation would he onite. American that might question the legality of their and the Ohio By yesterday's mail we received the first num- - fore made,and in general use throughout the westt plank road, between Harrod's creek neighborhood river, the l.'uited States, its succesa has been so complete ano enough. It is a shame that we Keatuckiao should be of eleven mile above Louisville, in a LOVES AND MITTS. as to nave tally proved these assertions n imposed on merely because we are peaceable. Our pa votes etc., that he also include his assertions about bcr of a paper called the ".National Guard," pub- in Kentucky. Churches book of ten quires cannot be paged without calling refined and good society as any with a flourishing acad- unvarying extraordinary merit. favor of it M J doten s'lper black very convenient, cut' rcpu.aii"u uasotwaue uie loroigner presumptuous, and Tansey. He had as well swear to it all in mass. lished at Iexington, Indiana. It is conducted by in the aid of the hand, because their figures do not emy schools a half miles off. The quality of the land When these declarations were made, at the date of it. feuch are the fruits goodness. Ji dj Ki.l Uu; one and introduction, they seeuiett uicreuioie to many, even oi ai d. lon Sil!t 1.U; in this neighborhood is unsurpassed by any in But the editor of the Journal is still further in Messrs. D. W. Lask & Co., and is another sub , mo-- t candid minus, because ail the resources Oper-erun higher than 75'). Mr. Pr io3t's runs up to 1,0 iO , The products are hemp, potatoes, corn, wheat, this day and for sale by From all quarters, we hear of crroarallona mail nn is particularly adapted science had een taxed in vain to suMue ague or bilious barley, tc. The situation, Tansey : aide for a result to violence at the the pursuit of P.yCF.RGKR KR. ti. the stantial supporter of our Democratic creed. Suc large enough for any ledger or other blank book. an to fine fruit of every kind. The Farm contains 22;and what was still wop? for ague suilerer, em polks, me bear, irom a hundred sources of organised or or The Democrat well knows that Tansey was neither cess to it. ot numes, w no, 11 is saiu, are to receive extraordiAnd then it's price is so very low only $1 10, while acres. For further information call on the undersigned their remedies been treatment, wbetiier of poisonous 01 AN LAS. SILK. CLOTH. oirical, have limited to the ue pursued nor assaulted nor imprisoned because he had seiywtij KLlAS HAFFMAN. on the premises. nary price for lUctrrultmniy service. We hear of LlJL and Velvet Mantillas lar? lot jnt an t destructive drug, surti as Arciiic, Quinine, Mercury. others cost from five and six hundred to one thous- of loreijtn-br- n nereons. led on voted. In the same article trom wuich the preceding A man committed suicide in Feather river, Cal teuiatic eTJ KtMHE.Ru Kit liKvi. Salicine, 1'heenects of tuese are sometimes worst forsaleby to take forcible possession of is au extract, uie jseuiocrai claims that Tansey was For Sale. ! native-bor- n tney subdue; and when such remedies than tne and that he voted ifornia, when a coroner's jury was empannelled, and dollars. Mr. Triest does not claim for this , the polls on Mou.Iav morning or Sunday nig ht, ahd to thriven lroin tne polls at nine o'cloca, its own efgive only temporary aud without iutetrupuouatl-wardscertificates FARM, CONSISTING OF 123 fail, orare superadded to tne relief, their poiononcom- BLACK SILKS. T) PIECES 2ii. forcible possession of them until au the poor sutterer s first fects show mat he was so much emboldened as to propose to heard the evidence, and brought in a verdict that machine that it will work as rapidly as the high inch tlaci Lutr--- s VU J.ij acres, lying near Hobbs's Depot, on the L"ui.s-vill- e plaint. unng up more uicu 10 toie or iiguu cut be was ar B A M K E kti K !t ii no r . and for s ile by fool." Sensible jury. I priced eastern ones, but it will do its work with as was a ' For particulars apply to and Frankfort lUilroad. On this account ague sufferers should he particular! rested and imprisoned in the of tbat lv tha man Corner Miin and Fifth street. ui 7 NOCK, WICKS d CO., or It tra quite evenaively said and believed a few days lie was iouud more than a mile afternoon Fever and Ague remecareful about using any iroia bis own residence, U. M. BECKWITII. on the premise. generally, from an impression of among armed men, locked uniua bouse from wim-The following pertinent question was addressed much accuracy, if not more. It is simple in its con airu that tne dies, notwithstanding tne makers of them Uniform,) n ojcuiiy , una a icruuoca nH to 0 to tne polls aasrrt they may be taken with perfect safety, eveti OOF FEE. snots were bred at Americans passing upon the street; to a lawyer in a neighboring village: "If distance I struction, having nothing that can get out of order He liavc uuw authentic and direct information that they he desperately resisted the ohiceis isi bags prime K'.o: when it is notoriously well known tnt their potency tne law after he lends enchantment to tne view, ana the view relu- - with proper use. Ho has made, s ahave determined that they mil go to the polls We are wasiiiiormeu ot tueir authority, audnrreadered onlv far, about ten, i depends aoreiy upon destructive poion. c oi.jiv; sale bv l'JO do d) Laguvra; tUd 10 bear that they hare thud determined, but we alter be bad been disarmed; aud for thete oUences he ses to return it, can distance receive any legal re which have been sold in this city, New prot mat the reuieay is not only valuable And 11ESTAU1IAXT for GENTLEMEN, on Orleans, hope th")- will to with (.oue but pn.t-- r intention. 8ur- - was arrestea ana impnsonea. se2 A. RAW SON it CO. account of it power to cure diseases, but that it is 1 he lawyer refuses to answer until he re dress? THIRD STREET, ly uone of them can be so ignorant a Dot to u ndersiand, ai9 Vicksburg, Nashville, St. Louis, Indianapolis, to.; 1 here is the story of the editor again. Tansey ceives a retainer: vtaai, 11 a collision ue mem, it will occur. WORTHY OF PUBLIC CONFIDENCE, iy SUGAK. occur, there is but one way in which it can nd, if it d whilo the one in the exhibition was mado and is REFINED was tracked to the house by the mob. They were becacsb or n j Mrs. Keyhole remarks, thatin the manifold trials refined, powdered, coare-fu- poMiuiy teruui-aie-. intended for an establishment in New York city. SINGULAR AND ENTIRE UARMLE3SN ESS. verized, and loaf; there with stones and brickbats, and using them, of this life, we must Maryland Refiner, double refined, pwdere! We are glad that the Germans hare made up their The following certificate, from one of the celeIf this is not carrying the war into Africa, wo and r;rcl A cnnned; Learn how sublime a thing it is. chciuin It it ih--- .r right to go. before a gun was fired. The officers found one iriua to io to tlte polls NOW FULL AND AMPLY SUP-plie- d brated copy of it in ihe L nitedtostate, has been obtained, B nd C pw St. Loins K, C, u I L cru-h-Vt e hpr, t)oe er, thitt they are Koinir every bottle: should be pleased if somebody would tell us what is attached in obedience to and a To sutferand be strong," gun, but he was among no armed men. He dcre-1- ; with all kind ef Game and delicacies of the in store and for sale icopriety. aud not old the prouipuufto! ihfir in -- w l'ORg, June 11. seS"! We have not room to give a detailed descrip season, such as Shell Oystes, Quails, tinipe, Plover, A. KaWSON ik CO. l5. bullies and ruliiau at the iur4i:aUon of tne was arrested, all the evidence heard, and was disas the nigger said when he was overheated in Wine Duck", Venison, Wild Pigeons, Squabs. "I have made a chemical examination of Rhodes" lw are well .no'n to have organized a fighting band tion of this neat piece of work, bat will state thus B'ue Chickens. Salmon, B.iss, Squirrels, &o-SSpring L-- t the Germans Fever aud Ague Cure, or Antidote to Malaria, ami Not a word was proved against him. dog days. go by all charged. here for Uie wura HOSE. Jl ;sT RECEIVED WALK KK Si COMMKKFORD, Proprietors. nave tested il for Arsenic, Mercury, Quinine, anu much. The figures from 1 to 10 jO are set upon the ineau to me ikiuj, uu, 11 lotre is time lor all to vote, it was not proved before the Police assortment of fall and winter 111? Tlos Str chrnue, but have not found a particle of either in Court let tuein be cure to vole. But we cannot resist the eon. The editor of one of the Maine papers says lh-r- e it, nor have 1 found any surface of a cylinder running around it spivball not be time in any particular viction, tuat if in its cnmpjr.ii. any Americans passing by were shot at. The that he has had a pair of boots given to him which outer 5li'xer knit Ilalf Ilose, ribbed, cx'-t- h fine; that would rrove iojunous to the constitii'.ijn. wari to lae the votes of the a hole voting population; that do. knit do. "JAMES it. CUlLTOX.Jd.D., d: it a portion, for the w atit of time, must le debarred from proof was, that after the house was stoned and were so tight, that they came very near making rally the spiral corresponding in inclination ex tfeotch H'ool knit Half Hose, plain, extrt 6a'; ADAME BLAQUE AND MR. It is a stubborn fact, therefore, that thisChemist." is. of t'ie elective franchise, then every theexercise actly with the screw on the end of the shaft which Lain i. s Wool, whit-- : aad srev, .lo. do; WASTELL. from Her Majesty's Theatre. Lon dwstined not only to relieve the human familyRemedymaol courtesy and proiirietv and rieht SLronclv men chased into it by brickbats, one gun was him a Universalis, because be received punish , l from do, do; fasomere, and citl- aud luiperauvely dema nd that the foreign-borpasses through the cylinder; the latter, with every don, respectfully inform the citizens of Louisville Uall larious diseases, but to it j au cjuiuy gooU work by preMonuo, do, do do; vicinity that they have leased tbe large and elegant ment as he went along. comparatively saangers to our country and its fired out of the window. itens, venting tne taking of other which d' harm. Merino feet and cotton top. do; motion of the treadle, moves just far enough, belonging to Mr. Stevens, next door to Odd Fellows' iiistituuous, mre guesta, a it were, upon our couutrv's The plain truth was, Tansey, was tracked by the l he enure absence ot any baneful initrodient niaies Or owa Cotton, doun'e feet; street, ana win open tueur Acareuiy " Mrs. Dobson, how's your husband ?" Hall, in their filffht from oil, victims ho8Htiily received Do do, double heels and toes do guided by a ratchet, to bring every number ex SATl Jetlerson ept. a, l&, for instruction in the lash-- 1 hould of their own free accord KDA, because ho had voted, and showed no tur ptivii until ,reveMtive " lie's dying, inarm, and I don't wish anybody to Fancy Cotton lliif IIo.-- t every vanety. London, and Dances, the native born freemen shall have reuuiliMCM tdis9ase is so easily Sixes from "S to the one feet. Geotleuiu rjHu al'Vays a:tly under the hammer, while the hammer itself ionable Juvenile as taught in New York, iu Considerato woman, that. classes on Saturdays, from if to 1J a. und6l COU:jl)eration, if the Paris. corded their sullragei-- . M e hope, and we have a right disposition to submit to be beaten. They followed disturb him. li u"n i xto. to expect, tkat lli ihemselvus. in spite of the intiam- - nun up for being an Irishman that would dare luj4 u owulg to thediseases iNsing liodu-e- d hi get the best quality of Half HoseA- at D. M is brought down by the same motion of the treadle. M., and from 3 to o f. H. Evening classes for gentlemen vante. act 5?im,D. The Dollar Dcmacrat is issued this morning, on Tuesdays and Fridays, trom to bio cock. spptals of and umiory demagogues, same i at any oneandtiie traxcler,cse, and The machine is an exceedingly neat pieco of mechSchooU and families attended. Private lessons wui Utt una view 01 me matter. 11 is the rxglA view should jrotect liemVve, bynt like a freeman. dent and containing a full compendium of all the lcadin hour during the day. STTNDEHSHIRTS AND DRAWERS. . timely ue ol this iveventive, ai.d not wait the anism, and of Itself establishes Mr. Priest's repu men had the riifht to For crds of terms apply at the principal music stores, , to the news of the day jomoicrcial and miscellany. in Uleir Tdy dc? o'"' As ageneriU rule it takes . long fir one foreign born !;ilkSlirt,t,5,audUireadea,u,:,:ju., tloreast; singly or together; they had S I Hi -- ,, ngnt nay, under do, li eery lined as one of our best mechanics. Its great to Mr. yyastellatt ierooms.ortoladameBlaque, setcor- - . Vlieut aiiack. taae the Cure as a ciuwu to vote as tor four natives. Then ought the four ponscircumstances, il they went at tiie it was their duly $.( ner ol rirst ana nainui streets. For sale at the desk, in strong envelope., at five tation all so destroy the poison before it does harm. to stana bae.k one Joreujuer or the thego Shaker Flannel Sh:rtsani Drawers, J to il: the AuariiA 10 arnica, yes, iirmcti to me teetn; and they had the neatness in working, and almost entire Pull directions ami advice as to Diet and llbi's ol accuracy, Cashmere ad Wool dt cue ior"it,u r tor uie tour Ajnencansi uo ; suoi iu ui track every AllOV cents per copy. ua-uu oufeui prepared oy a distinguished Physician long resident nui; cur or uuuung who attempted, W.rtl 30 :oi; 0rt d to disarrangement, will make it SJUDRIES. .nouiiug ,, witu clubs Merino henvy in a liiiious climate now accompany eaen bo;;te. :o to ; g 100 bbls cruhed and loaf Sugars; The idea of native-bor- n American cons, siuug-siiouThe Whit Mountains, in New Uamp?hire, are or brickbats, to pre Nettott,.n It will oi'teu oe iiuud necessary to precede this 3o ; 15 hhds refined dj eagerly sought after. We may be permitted here do; themsoves to be excluded from the polU by any thought vent their access to the polls- - JJemucrai. f by a mild cathartic or antiulioiis purgative. The Country s itinel,C',nt n Flannel, and Drill Cot- 1A0 pockets r aiiy reality of club, pistols, bjwie-knivelava Coffee; capped with snow. Here is winter in earnest, to swords, very best thing lor seneral use is a moderate dose of Ctis-to- r This is the same infamous doctrine inculcated by the ers, ai sues ; at state that his first rough experiment at these 60 bags Kio r cannon, is too monstrously aturd to be enterdo; Oil, theooject of which is to cleanse the stomach and SeJ while in our oil Kentucky home we are enjoying machines has been in use in this city for two 60 dozen painted Buckets! A. D. MAX3FIF.LD 3. tained tor one moment by any man that understands vhuuukiilu lunaiumatory auics ueiore the election free the biliary passages. Renienitx-- r that where this Itwastiyauch aud inceudiarv iiwinir 20 do toy do; the American character. is necessary, or ihere is cotiveness, it Mfvr ae loreiguers inal tney were iustiga' the gentle zephyrs of a mild September, made mu years, as yet without repairs. t.ons to 1 do oak well do; or iuet.pera.iuu ui me auuuoie wui oe seriously iv. ted to arm tuemseives aui commit violence, and to & ami " 100 nests nest Tubs; y sical by musquitos, serenades, and the brawling of Let the foreir ner keep their elbows to themselves Slructed. ciiiteng 011 murder luolleusive native-bor- n 6 bbls No. il Mackerel; at the XLert no place for them in the ribs me ckvuuu. 1 oiciguei. uau a nt:Ki 10 go tothe day of hopeful 05 Y CAUTION. JEFFEHSON- - ST DET. THIRD A.ND FULIini. the polls Scarce. Items. We wero all over tho upper 3' iO bam Table Suit; amtur3 about the " wee hour 0' night. of tiie natives. iu banusot liftits aud hundreds, armed to Uie teeth, aud 75 dozen Urooins; Ia eeSV,a sc,ifi ca!'' rour e eont-a- t of .me cr DANCI-V(snoot dowji iu bis tracks every American citizen who end of town day before yesterday, and tha lower ACADE3IV. lm) bales Batting, Nos. 1 and 3; more i Cure into shallow vessels In the "Forsaken," a novel written by Richard The Americans mean to be entirely pacific but might question the legality of tueir votes, or wbo would plaies), and them in sleeping rooms; fi.r (.Unina 220 baas Cotton Varns; lm- va " "'"S1" iu.TOu,u we they will vote. Tney umr submit 'paliently to a great not meekly stand aside until these sovereigns, par "4 JONS. J . P. LAS.SERR E R ES PECT. M Percnnsion Caps; Surgeon McRea gives tho following enj pij porrismmromiiie nieuivine, ana also the air waf-- aulireeamg erhaps witu the tilth and vermin Penn Smith, discomforts, but they will fully informs his and thij poblie in gen 75 M Half Spanish Cigar?: niay inconveniences and tr cireuiat jd over the dregs of it, aiter the s s and pm-ohbad deposited very cogent reason for abandoning the field ot UP5 WUMUi' voit. Tliey tuav bnve to go through rain aud hail, but ol .uroi-ea15 cases round wood box Matches; is evaporated, wm counteract aud destroy, to A.XfZ eral, that he trin opn hi Paneing rehool at th ahov their voles. they will vote. They may find serried hosts of noooay moving aouut-a.ra- .uoi tuo weaker, per- 75 casks d. C. Bed; lh. Tjr aautsea aal Uall oil SAIL KD AY K I , t. with its exposure, the miaam' tTrf coinwusurate Cau any American listen cnltnly to such infamous battle durinz an engagement: "An nncivU bullet r. . buiue. and ruilians tctweeii them and the jKills, nasuer-i- i from, S to U o'clock a. M., and i to 50 boxes Soda, in papers; sou contained in tne apartuieut. Th.s mr- - ,c eYh'ni" y of lreemen thus to be every Monday and Wednesday evening tut lucy win vote. 1 hey may have to encounter tire propositions ! Are uaUve-ooClass fur so u paieratus, no; ing tne lure should taewiso he rviorfj came close to my ribs, and has nearly destroyed J b8Pl- Uirust aside from the ballot-bobv an armed ard steel, but they will vote. 33 bbls riantition Molasses; 'rvin 7 to 9 o'clock. young infants a;e expose to uiUurto'4 iituons torcc ot bullying Irishmen! WiU Americans any longer the only coat that my doctorship can boast of. II f5gf"Te call attention to the arrangement nude )n account of onjections from a great uumher of pu60 bbls pure Cider Vinegar; up h". the pils heretofore. reUgiua are removed by P countenance men 110 in us impudently counsel bloody 50 reels Packing Yarn; We have had great hope that the election on Monday iniudcd loreiucrs to shoot down aud murder native- - knew there was more lead where that come from, j by the managers of tho Agricultural Society for forming two 20 half chests Oanpowder Tea; glass, and on the o,.de would be conducted in this city a lihout any violence. K J. P. L. unnecessary to mention all the M e have endeavored to imprest uj-o- n do; Black 20 (he public mind born citizens while attempting, on their own soil, under but very few coats where this come from ; so II the convenience of its members who attend every do medicine (the ropy ni-hf which is secured? and the Dances andthink it he will teach in his s.hool. Th Waltzes Uie prtpr.ety of astaininc from anythinr that would be their owu goverumeut, to exercise the privileges ol signature of f;,e lif catty boxes (inn powder Tea, very fine; These preeaut ions are ireia uumoer of pupils he h is t:tug.'it in this city for 30 coi's Cotton Rope; adpt-di- o leisurely marched off in search of a place of safety day with provisions, &2., for their families and like.y to produce hostile uteetings al the full. We very Amen cau ciuzeiut : prevei-.- t counterfeit and imitations. organs letsucuis the language of the the laot ten years is the best recomme ndntion he tan 60 dozen Hemp Bedcord: in store and for sale by mucu fi'ar, however, that the preparations hich we unI friends. The stalls under tha amphitheatre are tfucn were their senUmeuts before aud during tue Au ..iiraKmamt-i- h rts nrter- - N'olwitUsianding all the S'an.y Dances ant both for my coat and carcass." NOCK, WICKS tt CO. se29T derstand imve been made by soine of Uie These douht, Waltzes J. P. L. is actuaioteil with. Y.e take pleasure) AY''consideredwherever introduced and d. rroi party, and Uie iucendi try directions which we are in-- gust elections. Mich, 110he said, was the feeling ol their Wlil be sufficient. to be rented for this purpose. They are fixed with upon the night of the h he h i wet witii in stating tliit on hi visit in the Mechanic.,' lutitute-Eshibit- ors. Tiiicd have been given in several instances to foreign prominent adviser a hen 7HITE LEAD. 500 KEGS RE- - Prepared and sold by the proprietor, nnc yumiia nouses vere buruiug, Ping illy Drtisa, from tho tipert of Paris, ami siis election, oU se- ciU2ei io our miustby those who should know better and staples, so that a simple padlock will JAHtS A. RliODES, Providence, R. I. ceive J bv Yorktown on consie-irceWe are informed that as many as 25 or 30 of and for tee pn'neipai Dancer of Placule' Vanetiea. when lo tuer, wij occasion trouble and perhips very serious damn tueir souls. 1 wish the tire would buru up Mail K BY. 8. MuXTtlOM Through his kinduess J . P. L. has com? i:t pvssesskOa street and Uie datiineU scoundrels would feci what it i se'J upon the day of the election. A gentleman n everytning put tnere. mo rent ior eaca one, sale by and manufacturers who designed Extract of a Letter from Profef.ior FUtchtr, rio re mrsii jf the most recent Dances, viz: ma e kuowu to us on Tuesday, that one gang of thirty to encourage tnese damned und. ;!it robbers, murderers our mechanic who pro- .' d'llar POT week u 80 8ma11 that fia-ili- c rAi.s enitti at Broicm L'nioeriuy, Fnc, U. I. ""U tortilsa five-ste- p FROM THE FACTORY. foreigners at work upou the bowldering of High street and incendiaries, tue damned entering articles for competition. have bocn unable lluD4.iriai have oeen directed to arm themselves with pistols and seiiliniculs are tutiumaii and of men's and boys' Soft Hats, of I.vuiaNarous, Ixn., March 1, ur inem W1U De m3re iaJa rPaia m ia8 coaY0' Polka LuisvtlU Journal tohave them in readiness until now, and according every color and quality, for sale at low prices and go to the polls in a body on Monday. It is kuive, A. Rhodi s, Esq. Dear Sir: Yours of 15th Sehoitischc. s POLLAKD, PltATUER & SMITH, or three not luiprohaoie or unlikelv that We publish this entire just to giveyample of to the rule adopted by the Board of Managers, can- - nionco afforded. There are only seventy four of been receive , and 1 am glad to hear tnat a ult. has and gentlemen wishing to Joiu tt clastare f jurdiK ot liieae thirty men are not even entitled to vote, 466 Main se2 medicine so efficacious i3 to be introduced into this invited to apply at the cemineocement. seJ dint these stalls, ana it wiu nenoove tnose wno wisn to and we regret exceedingly that our oppouents are the disingenuousness and mendafty of .the editor not, since the 25th, enter them for competition. Aet'isH country. 1 have the greatest cond lence in it a course which can 4o-h-o may do a HAVE IN STORE, OF OUR success, and cau re:i.ure yon of iu happy eject upon procure them to apply at once to one of the com of the Journal. He does not taka what we said They desire a little longer time. ' food, and Strcal deal of harm. manufacture, the largest and most com- me in entirely breaking up the c lulls and leaving me s basely misstates it lnavie face cjrour own We admit it is a bad precedent, but when there mittee who have them in charge. Tho committee plete stock of Hats, Caps, and Furs of anv house in strong and healthy. og tli foreign-bor- n The population, but I like the statement on your wrapper that you will let West. POLLARD, P RATHER & S'MITH. hnvesvoru that they will vote this ui or nine before the words, in order to answer it in the shape of hi are so many who wish to enter, and who would add is Messrs. Meriwether and Speed. There is every thee29 the medicine stand on its own merit, and standing thu, 4o6 Main street. No. 457 do. It really seems a little hard that our Americans 1 am niot sanguine of its success. lie repaesenfus as very materially to the interest of the exhibition prospect of a fine exhibition, and every arrangecilneDS m st be compelled, on their own soil, own misrepresentation. I travel over a portion of our State E ELEGANT HAT this expect toand I shall havelarse .dant opportunity to EETWHEN FOURTH AND FTFITI. to stund back until foreigners are served, but undoubted spring, ment is being mde which is necessary for the com abu y a great deal ought to ie submitted to, for the sake of justifying fortignersin goingo thenjlls armed to we don't know bat the ruio could be revoked, and is the f'l style Dress Hat manufactured by recommend it verbally. Wherever 1 go I shall take rilHFa ABOVE COMPANY FOR- POLLARD, Pit A.THEK it SMITH. peace and harmony. I'atience is one of the human virfort of the visitors. Strict rules for the police sei great pleasure in thus testif yiu to its merits, and if you the time extended, say till Monday evening. c;ti SL ward daily Money Packages, Jew tues. 1 he American people, however, are not, we fear, the teeth and shooting down xftj smrcan etrr, and Merwill instruct your agent to let me bolth , 1 very richiy endowed with it- chandise of every descriptior.. to Evropr-- , Australia, It will, no doubt, give the officers and commit have been adopted, and vigilant and effective offi- - CHILDREN'S HATS, CAPS, AND will carry them with nie to distrioutehave a few benefit. 'question the legaliti,of their for your ten who might and all part of the Canada anil L a.iid Stales, I remain, truly your. In and at low prices. more trouble, but then it will more than pay I cers have been procured. No one should fail to at- Ciuding Calil'ornia. vt uere uuw u uuu yiuii au We Usve receive a letter stating that some of the for-- r votes. MILES J. 1' LETCHER. POLLARD, P RATHER at SMITn, inetiu ij tees increased number of contributions. The tend every day, as the exhibition is so arranged as Se29 Contrarts made for tnn'.port-f- ra of Frtiiht to and 4ii Main street. lner iniendto stone the American procession from thing 'we have said or written? ?eA. by the at KfcDL KAT from tne ti-- e Uarc alleys but there will be no dark alHAD THE AGUE FOR TWELVE YEARS'.!! day attractive. Calls nadein any ps.rt of th- - e.ty for Freight upoa whl would people have come forward very liberally in support to make every leys. tuiii' torches wlI make everything tfiulaeht. the legality of their vote. MERCHANTS CAN question notice bein lett at thtmce. a" or rrornetors: Providkkcb, June , COUNTRY in Hats, Cans, and Fur GoodsBE aaUdUrms wySK. XRVOA.asent. at tor of of the Institute and its annual exhibitions, and navini been of the cf poor, but advertised a meeting at the court-h- '. not meckJy stand aside, etc., says mo The Reported Bank Failure. A telegraphic dis POLLARD, PRATHER St SMITH'S than at any other worthy woman, informednot been illness from a fever and who ha free but for minds. the Journal. Could any misrepre-5nUlo- n ue have couciuded they have changed their use be are now nightly flocking to the hall. It is a ques house. eJ Ague a month at a time fr the last twelve years, I supCigars, Tney Snuif, &c. patch in another column informs us of the reported that il wouid be of no tor plied her gratuitously with Rhodes' fever and Ague tion whether the Institute does not owe it to the them to undertake to bold a meeting when Sam is ram-)ameaner or more desperate? Notice. Cure, ehe took in ail four bottles, which completely failure of the Atlanta (Georgia) Bank. It would iu.tne atreeu. If they give il up, o much the betUNDERSIGNED HAVING restored her to health and strength, and as four mouth the editor goes on to say, we impudently people in return, to mike the exhibition as fall as be But ter tor them. Jsl purchased the FIRE has now elapsed, there is no reason to doubt the per- on Third strr-e- near of B. Knirihrn ia the store LA well to refuse it for the present. possible. Exhibitors ought to have been ready in to call ths foreigners to shoot dow Democrat olhee, counseled bloody-minde- d Enirine and Hose Company. To the officers manency ol the cure. They tel- - us that the American party "skulks from huLKlV0 "'b' I am als aware of many other rases in which ii has of IMPORTKD fn nl and thw pubtn; to hi fine sfoei. - We again are under obligations to our good honorarv, contributing, and active memare cir- pcitizens, whilst attempt time, they had suflicicnt noticebut there man outer vation" Juki taae a view of it and and murder native-bor- n N1 uoviEalic CHA1C, ttiie leaf bers. You are herebv respectfully notified been used, and have never known it to fail. Chewing and ee aheiheit n a party that looks like skulking from moking Tobacco, Snutf. Pipe-- -, aud a4 C. A. P. MASON, Apothecary. cumstances which prevent us doing as we would at j friends of Adams and Co.'s Express, for the prompt to attend a Special Meeting of the Company, on SAarticl--- s in u,-- t the face of mortal man. tv-- if it is nt a party that is a ing to exercise the privileges of American citizens. of the weed cau always oo--- un TURDAY EVEN IMU, September JSHh, at your Hall, for ho,,:8hirine. great deal less hkely to skulk than to be skulked from. When did we counsel any such things? It is a all tunes. aclesby giving him a rail, delivery of Cincinnati exchanges in advance cf the the transaction of very important buains., aulldinsif WM. D. CLASS. Sept. i, 1355. By order of the PRESIDENT. mail distribution ATe know that you have laored with seal and fidelity falsehood, a base calumny, for which there is not Jao. Ct'ariss, Secretary. Ma. J. A. EHOnes-- . Please express me four dozen of sei A Special ."Message from the Mayor your Fever and Ague Curesend it immediately, as 1 and feci that victory n yours. But let not your ener-trie- s the color of foundation in anything we have pub.SALE OF TOWN LOTS IN On Thursday night, at the meeting of the City .MEET1N(J. Getting Moral. Ourcity is becoming actually am nearly out. li has given satisfaction. aiacken nor your teal aiiate. Our opponents are TEACIIEKS' R. W. GAMBLE. yet hopetul, and "ill d a- cease to press their cause to lished. Yet, says the editor of the Journal, to Council, Mayor Barbee sent in a special message Yours truly, City. moral in public, at any rate; there were only nnHE TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION the last moment. They a- now pudinrdi Cerent strings, M. will meet THIS EVEXINO, at 2 o'clock r. M in couirarT directiouH. Whilst aome ot them are crying point the lie, "such is the language of the Sag-Nicin regard to the finances of tho city, and the pub throe cases before the Police Court yesterday. Pin Re, JIich., July 21, 15. MONDAY, OCTOBER 2,1-5- 5, out jroscniioii, and plemling that Col. Preston' deThe Rev. Mr. Hey wood will address the meeting. All Da. J. A. Khodcs. Dearir: Your Cure for the Fe. organs." What language? What you as- lie improvemets now projected. The message rep a sale of Lots In Kentucky city will eommence, tect certain on account of aleged un'airnesa on the Interested in education are invited to attend. The Lexington Races. part of the city Council in nt Kivitis additional voting cribe to member are requested to attend promptly, a matter ver and Aue has thu fur performed wondecs. 11 has at p blic outcry, and continue trom day lo day aatil a.t to perform a uict at,d u? resents the finances as in a very prosperous condi mi . 4 I UlUI D thers arc trying to intimidare our ( lave, in Lou..vitle, of importance will come before the Association. Place not failed in one in. ut i prosperuy 01in-tfu piace iiv.iii the U prominent oojeel 27 Lexington, Sept. cure. Some who have been troubled with being of meeting Third Ward Schoolhouse. mentis '')' the threat that the voters of theM wards shall new. se2 dl The reader can judge from this how much confi- tion. The entire amount of outstanding bonds is Jin,-- : uttcu utsirci.-l.i- f( iaKD)V and a ill vote. Whilst some are aayinf that the votes in witri tne proprietor, an uie iocs ui oe ia aunoui reirili send o Messrs. EditobS : Tho race to-dwas for the ing only onk bottle of the Ct'KB. Please serve, and on the most liberal term-- , oc.h as .o time atal taea - arJs can Co. atl I taiten, aud. that the German. dence can be put in a statement of the Journal. $1,537,000; of which sum, $87,000 was contracted THE CHEAP CARPET STORE. imme Oiatelv 'our aoxen, as we nave nut noi.,e- - reiuain- - manner of payment. and Irish cannot ie induced to put themselves in a poassociation purse of 1 153,3 mile heats. The en LAt UKUi" Large and Desirable Stock of Carpeting mg. t ruly yours, sition of daiiger, thers are denouncing as cowards those Is anything an editor says about the events ol under the old city charter, and the payment of t his town ulocateo intne county or nicirain, jltlJ-A- were Nannie Lewis, Graves' filly, by York Americans a ho they say are threatening to take the bloody Monday to be credited, when he will thu of Kentucky, upon the a.t baua of tn-- ) .MiSHi.sippi and Furnishing Goods. which is provided for out of the sinking fund; this tries d exhort. ng the foreicoers to stand to their river, fii'teeu amies oclow the mouth of the Ohio, and jual shire, Warfield's Waxey, Mclntyre's Wagner the present town of Colatnhu-i- , aad n.titj, and ill. their ahillalahs drive from the polls these pervert plain language before his eyes, and before is amply sufficient to cancel that amount of indebt HITE A SMALL, below and f Pison- - ha within it corporal-- - limit the depot ani station lxa ei-t American. t r are proclaiming that the Mooro, and that Know-Nothin- g nan medicinea taken treviou' - bad effect horse. Third and Fourth, 499 Main Street, letwee are itiuuiiiiated and a ill not go bear the polls, the eyes of his readers? He has even told his edness by the month of March next. of th- - great MoUle aad Ohio R turoad, at it ground The Gas tno liy wi -- yt which probably never gt nd of; wuiit other, are nerving them, patting them on the hack, readers that we counseled foreigners to shoot down Company, and the Louisville and Frankfort Rail northern terminus. Nannie was the favorite at 2 to 1 against the AVE STILL ON HAND A SPLEN- hiwing to in on, and endeavoring to instil co a race inSouth Dti It would be out of place in this aJvertiement to dwell Mass., Au go st 85, Iv. ,. a did assortment of to liiem hy taia and money. in not be deceived by any American that challenged the legality of their road Company provide for $500,000 of the remain field, with plenty of fielders. They were called up at length, and in detail, a poo ail th advantage-- i of this) the loreiiriiers w ill not try to vote. health of loeation. and the brilliant a city o foits-natetheir declitrutions that ued me to write as to the Rich Roval Velvet Carpeting; mv natient.' after tyon will dm be lightened by their threats votes; to shoot down American citizens for exer inz $1,450,000. while the citv will Drobablv realize and started for the first heat. Nannie Lewis led We kui-iilu.ite.1, and being a terminal point of such a Saner Taietrv Caroetinc, Crosly it Bon's best: aking the Fever and Ague saeuicins you sent, w hie Knalish manufacture; thHt tttey $kA.U and will vote, to the exclusion of do, Rich Brussels roa.t apn sncn a river; but let the iQ (u;r-- r bmk a llm now take pleasure in doing. The patieu m- -r and reason fr hiuaseii. Kentucky city m.. aha has lived in A..C Brussels, Tapestry, and Velvet Stair Carpeting; cising the privilege of American citizens. lie has half a million from her interest in the Nashville tho entiro tbrec miles " nearly lapped by nromlnenlfact healthy j protected do; Extra and Imperial .xey. The other horses were not running for first tiu jty, X. Y., for live yean, and last fall, for the na a high andthe oaturw locality grounu. the from ad of of tne heighth io; do; Tapestry ingrain Super had the rever ana Ague, wutninrtuiw iu Tansey. writen down the lie and published it. After that road. This will leave only $350,000 or 9400,000 the zzzz except Know-NothiiasUor . The Louisville Journal ic Pat ; he made a brush Fever and the river bank, and the necessary i mhankment forth do; Common all wool tim hw th- - me of exploit, can a word of truth be expected from him? at the utmost, to be provided for, which can easily I with railroad track: it is surrounded by a iVnueand h:fty wool filling to live do; Cotton chain and The editor of the Journal makes a bold effort to r ....e Pills; but last March she came here Shehastaacn country, rapidly aettung. Il front ia wa-odown the last quarter, but he had too much to do, I by t.i- do; Sag-NicUnion .n,i in MiT wm Ulin itiin with it. organs before be done without one cent of additional taxation. -- Fainrrof navigable rejects himself from our exposure of bis mendao-i'yan- d Such was the language of last 6 8, and 4 plain and twill Tenitian Uall the medicine which you sent she took the of thesome mightyseasons of the Waters," tne large- - from thu point and his rider took him in hand. Nannie Lewis year for cl ax ail and during the election, he says. Why does n't This certainly speaks well for the finances of the ateaiiier. t?tair Carpeting; four weeks ago and she seems to be cured ld-enduring ban a, aad having conprevarication, and hia chief reliance is 12-printed Drug jets) with a and won the heat by half a length, Waxey second, and her health is quite good now, but her joints fessedlyperoianent aud a.ost ecur- - harbor he produce it? Let him find in our columns a sin city. one ( Medalion Crumb Cloths; and bones seem to be sore, and pain her some.I could re- found from Jiewthe best and St. Louis. Kentucky to ha upon his own unsupported assertion!. He talks g Orleans o third, Mclntyre foutrh, Graves city Brussels, Velvet, Tufted, Cheneille, and The medicine I think is very good, and The message recommends an extension of aid in gle syllable of advice to anything that could pro land- - commend it to Ague sufferers, audi would procure U i in direct eon nection with the Mobile and Ohio Railscape Mosaic Kucs; rich ol his exposure of the gilly weakness of Mr. Isaac Time of the heat 8:49. My its depot Parlor and out door Mats, of every gr before any other within my knowledge for; b disease. road, having which has within ter hurt. will MeaaaboaS duce a lawless deed, either before or during the favor of the Louisville and Nashville road, the re- last. been arranged, we be in daily le Now, his readers only reColU well's, statement. connection, CHARLES Ii. KOW LIO. Xeurs truly, Nannie Lewis was still the favorite at large odds CCRTAIX MATER!' ques couimnaication with the areas laiooi Central Kaibroaat election. He promises to publish mere certificates; submitting to the people of the water-worlike connection w.ia the Cairw Know-Nothin- g member that he exposed himself oa the subject was well thought Handsome Lace Curtains; at Cairo, and also by a California PaovinsNCC, 111- -, Aug. 9, 1j5. some preparation for legislation in ref- - with free takers. route, the road now he better get his own as to what we coun tion, as also Muslin do; Do and Fulton or great of in the race, to beat the other horses ; his friends They may deny, aayi he, as often as they please, the had n't tip-- , em. I might as well men-tio- n fondly cherished by the three Stale of Missouri, ArCurtain Muslins-- , foreigners to do? It is thought men will say erence to charter amendments. We have not, as thought he had learned something, and they bet and lrora Satin De Laities; Union T nere that every bottle that I have heard ef beinj kansas, and Texas, a also the at. fact we have stated ; but his readers know that seled The agents of whiun at proposed to amask; Worsted do Cotto satisfaction. as Mountain Kailroad, one branch sold has will not wear to; bat can't the editor yet, formed any opinion in reference to these re- - some dollars he would beat v axey and uraves .ran y wppoaiteoar the J do; Brass Cornices; Braar he Las not statod a fact lately, and is sot likely what they terminate have Wt AWcine 'uUel town. Theon.nubilewest banc of the rivercvuiea upmis iuu - Bands; PParea tn goua oouuiliou ana umo Banc's; Cords affidavit that we counseled foreigners to commendations of the Mayor, but shall take an ear- - I ? 1 J u They old tha. j from Alabama, passing through Miaisppi aad W estera -- ore of were started for the second another heat. and Tassels, Sec; ever to state one again. Let ui record bis bare- make Bun Hollands; Tennessee, M car freighted with tne uar, the cotton, Transparent tji' . shoot down any American that might challenge ly occasion to do so. , a a. of any other article oi meoieiiio faced assertions : JOSKPU des ana Shade Trimmings. the rir-- s and tropical fruiU of the South, to return laden Respectfully yours, who would not stand aside till they and ad the product Wa7 and Mclntyre started off together at a with the provisions and .1.., Pni LINES GOODS. I. It is well known that hundreds of Irish bullies their votes, or aii.u.i.-....v6- .v, w- .I good pace, and went to the half-mil- e pole lapped, and manufacture of the West ano orth, brought down PaxtioO, X. C, Aug. 27, 1355. were ijip.irted here to aid tne and fight and voted; or to shoot them down if they attempted , arns1ey 8heetings, best brands; MtoM-- ' and by to u hy the Iilmoi Central and other 14, Lroa-lsCampbell's splendid filly, Laura Spilman, was I when Nannie Lewis could not be held, and passed on bloody Monday. murder Cotton Sheetin; Sir: I take pleasure la the Missisaippi and Ohio river, with their aamerom and Pillow Dr. Jawks A. Rhodss Dear recovery of my privilege of American citizens? Linen; e feD,c! ! Jl11' the e if theT wer - Jhom well known. And yet after all the affida- to exercise the complete .uhter lengthv tnbutar e. Kentaeayof ty being tha brought jay e Linen of Pillow Cotton; It is badly injured on the Lexington Course, by run- I the assuring you of a every grade; . suffered aim st within' twentv-o- r Tv either n.. nf which ahe has aoout eqiaad hourr ran . .. bovonhereot her stoDDed a little, and in the first be an excellent affidavitjust to the w jnasit Towels; Napkins; Dollies; vits, not one of these bullies was beard of. The That would over a buggy while exercising m tne even- - mile jfatmie was a engtn abea,j of Mclntyr's without intermission for over five years past, although distance between the southern tsuif entraace to ih V ine cloths; Table Covers; in the testimony that is ning The intried various kinds of medic ne and treatment. I had my request Mr. Reddick ordered from you two Atlantic and taw citie of tne n"itoern Laaes. and barg statement is a falsehood, unsupported by a single point. It ought to fignre Piano Covers; ing, after the race of Wednesday. mare, Waxey third, Graves fourth, tne M annate trade of commodities, At Marseilles Spreads, from 4 to October 2d my terchange etimea bm take pUca that it last on the list. Thar continued on in this WW dosen, and I can say bottles, has not only cured has ter in the products of diff-re- nl witness. Repeating it a thousand times will not to be forthcoming but every one who FLOOR OILCLOTHS. daughter, who took two here, here mo-- t they atop, here be stored, and hen Cool Ihptdknce. The Chicago Tribune has for the next mile. On passing the stand in n ken f prepbecy to make it anything but a lie. So lar from such a used it. This part of the country is very swampy and transhipped. It can 6, 12, IS, and Oilcloths, of f5fTbe editor of tne Louisville Journal, for a eity thu fortunately lothe following account of a game played by one of second mile uraves buy started alter xsannio I j6w. ture, of various styles, which we superijDr manufacforesee a bnillant cat to fit rooms or "with this Mr. Reddick sends you the money for three cated, and blest with a onihination of o many aatav-r- al thing being well known, it is known to nobody. n01 the crushing weight of a comparison of the the President ' former law clients, which is about uvru "7"?"' halls without waste to purchasers. DU".8ao I,uia Respectfully your. I hnmn and artificial outlet for travel and trade. We have been replenishing our stock ef Carpeting dozen more. run. wmninc tha in a The editor of the Journal has not even heard it votes of the First Ward in August, last tun iu JAME3 GAYLORD. lasw or jtu-- A credit of ene and two years, wit ! the coolest specimen of impudence extant. It says: (;raTes' fiIiy -- econd, Waxey third, Mcln -- re fonrth' during the past week to filf the vacancy caused by personal serunty and a hen reserved upon tiie properany responsible man who cares anything for vote in former years, wants to go back to 1851, and heavy sales during the fall trade. The goods we have from ty; or twenty per cent, cash and ene and two years uauv uo. ioiuuou " jytning BlOCe Just received we arc aehing ouuig oui ajv a louuw uj wo iiauis vi uwnu l LETTER FROM A POSTMASTER. at the same low prices as without personal security for the balance, at UM his owa credit for veracity. make a comparison. He had better go back twen was arrested for forgery in New Hampshire, and 'pntZ ai-- d he was where ne win often be, dis heretofore. Maxwill, Delaware eo., 0-- , Aug. L, 135. credit, the purchas-.T- . E. J. BU LLoc k, opuonof Our stock was never larger, better assort eJ, nor cheapTansey has for years ty w. H. H. TaVluH, It is notorious that Tat years. It would suit him still better, as his retained Frank Pierce to defend him. After a full tanced. Mr. J. A. Rhodbs Dear Sir: Your medicine has met er, which we leave to the judgment of purchasers after SEN K tw in this neighborhood. 4 y ret, SrXMART. au examination. with the moat favorable success gave to been an expert in procuring and voting foreign object is not to inform his readers, but to mislead HITE & SMALL, ' aeJS d&vtJ iraatet ad i'ropcioiot. it them at first 4H9 Main at., west se investigation of the affair it was ascertained pret I have about five bottles left. 1 of Louisville. of Bank Parse $450 free for all ages, three mile heats. if no cure no pay," although I was not authorised by voters, saja Prentice. Notorious where or amongst them. We have shown what the vote of the Ward to pay their subeortptioa to the Moot! order ty definitely that it would go hard with Brown, F. G. Murphy A Co.'s eh. you lo do so; but I took the responsibility en myself. and Ohio Kaiiroad t propev authorities of Plttsburg and Caiinel CToaL m. Nannie Lewis, out whom? We never before heard of it, and we was in 1852 and 1851, and it is not denied that the But not a bottle has come back, and as I am almostgross the town of Columbus tnree huo.h-e- d mx per ewaU and that, with all the ability of his advocate, a old, by Glenooe, dam Motto, THE PRICE OF COiL SEDUCED. of the article, 1 wish you would forward sae one puncthu-t- v year bond of oae bandret dollar ach. intertafc unsup-mpporbe thould know to notoriotu a fact. It is an ' population of the Ward had increased largely il you see proper to do so, and I will the medi- payable Those bou.l, after briug intrial would quite surely end in a eonviction. In S. C. Graves' b. f. 3 years old, by Yorkshire, fifteen dollar on BEST QUALITY ALWAYS of bottlepayment. I inclose which pbjaaw send m a re dorsed bv the Mobile aad Ohio Kaiiroa-- I Comeanr. wera tual in assertion, without the ghadow of proof. since 1854. dam the dam of Dick Doty, 42 for pat wpou the market, and rw now aelung at ghiy-ftvand for sale, tr the boat load or retail, t cine 1 slave received,to me as soon a you can; this dilemma he emigrated to the West, leaving his Dr. E. Warfield's b. g. Waxey, 4 years RhiDthe Cure ceipt old, a fact, again aayi the editor, that Tansey, he office of It is MIL1 cenU to the dollar. thoOr they will be taaea at rar in k Mc.MlCHAKL, much ChUls anu sever u-- w am by Burford, dam Alice Carneal, at ear aale in Ken.aekr' WaU sire t, west side, near Main. - never h.n been audi dins4m ,a.u, f(ir mny 57" The editor of tho Louisville Journal bail to foot the bonds, and his lawyer to whistle 23 with a potion of bis armed rufHans, pistol in hand, j city one-haia Uie Wate as at present. TourJte., parable down, the ether haif in two year. a column of assertions yesterday morn for his pay. A while ago a man by the name of D. Mclntyre's ch. m. 4 years old, by Wag- and vociferating murderous threats, endeavored began half Louisville and Ft nnklort Railroad. uer, uaiu i arico, oy Stumpier, 34 to visit Washington in conoa the morn- tag- - D7 letting his readers know what he thought Walker being about B. Childers b. c. Know-Nothin3 years to play the bully at the court-hou- se FIYIR ASD AGUK MEDICINE. TJESIROUS OF us. We do n t nection with some railroad project in Minnesota, old, dam by Medoo. found an 3 dis Now, here U the statement of his own exploit! in answering of ing of the election. xatie Convention, to be held at In another columnRhodes P STTT paper will be on:. " of claiming an acquaintance bit-Lexington, October ,t Time 5:43, 5:44. fp lull ! V proximo, can procure ticket believe he tells the truth even about that. He Brown, on the strength Ncx 90 Fouxtl at. to Lexington and rete of F.S.J. Ronald: for ,3 good f . r the 4th, 5th. are not in the habit of puffing saediemej,W but desire to . Rowe, sa. half-paWest tide, between Main and Martet. bth of October. eight does n t think half as well of his efforts as he with the President, volunteered a letter of introsay, for the heneht of the afflicted, that SAMUEL GILL, Shortly after this time, probably about Aid to Norfolk and Portsmouth. The Rev. and dtd seH ha it f. sale, inform n BoperintendenU and merchant, Sharpabwrg, who OF THE DIA3IOND o'clock, several Irishmen came op to the polla, come pretends. duction, to the bottom of which he added, as a Mr. Craik, of Louisville, Ky., celebrated divine doaen that he has sold several This botUes, and in every ease INVENTOR aauck-- t them was Tansey. They aid not Ken to Is practiced ia be a cure. H3ive me a fat office, and I will pay up servioe and preached in Parkersburg on Sunday, WE WILL PAY THE it baa effected take PbJMurein prove tha medicinethetono- Lwlie Wigv, taif nigs. Braid. Curtate., tii eity. together; 1 think there was one peran who came Ui4 Rev. Mr. Campbell, of Tennessee, will postscript, hringingtt before mad to band-52f" good.and we LM highest eai' Tauaey; ha asked me If I bad any tickets, I Md-- t SpU a end preach rler. tice of the public. Odd ttUowt Mveiuaon', morning at 11 o clock la the the old ssore.' The letter was handed to the Pre- the 16th inst., and administered the Holy Com- Tfrrlp0t' or - I"1 treet.etween ataxket an i ticket he aat-- d for idm a erery dription,sneh A'iso, Hair Bral faff munion. He proposed t-- t the offertory should to ma and eaia be wanted U and remarking upon U a more BU10UI.S rtaxi.e4 aoms foerer nva. ". nz, Brace'et. Braat Fin, lob aud w a ard AA Ctunberland Presbyterian church, and at 1 T. X. sident, who, after reading it two be appropriated to the aid of the sufferers at Nortioaaui I hauled We alio kee fot tale. had neaxjr all Toted, the peculiar coolness for an ofioe, explained to folk and Portsmouth. The collection amounted Subject tn to the pel. s in the Brook street M. . ohoreh. aVfxu'j. Co.. B. R. Clark at Co-- i R- - A. Bobinon at Co., lLadiea' tiaiT oreara cwee nuieT at i.rr re-- it sand tnoae persona amdeavoruig to ALUM-alXibe (Jeacesor .r,Ji:,w itrmMitiA. as could badtlaloly een by Christian Union. p38dlarWI Walker his acquaintance with Brown." seJS "atiww3u LaaJjlruggist generally. s ycUow ucket tuej ucaeta, as the SPECIAL NOTICES. THE D1ILV DEMOCRAT, RHODES Fever and Ague Cure, HARNEY, w DAILY li:.TIOCRAT. til. THIRD STREET, WANTED. VSf JOB PRINTING, tr Irtif IV lit wwit. rnicis. rj.iu. Y7E ffiaw,, P08 Irti s ur SWISH TIL IT tn A tn. WALKER'S HOTEL tr 3ou mt HALE Dancing and Calisthenics. U lm4 ir tw, yf il atr, J&anS&V: Ainer ican liable II.ill, """ ci. i. DIRECT WE Til American Expres-- Co,, Main Street, MOST . ra,IE FAYETTE Tobac'jo, Ii., r.RWf Kentucky Oj iw ie i, ;;K:a"v " - te a;; tyin 11 TIIE ;'..: in ttl WIG MAKER, M. ZIMFelSRe; PERSONS n mroTicE. f lt i f f e:aee. attairet t (aii

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