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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 5, 1908

Part of The Adair County news.

j 17i > iif l MfIt r1J I J t- < X H t f < fi t 1jU 1 e 11 J iI it < ijf 2ti i I fte 0 J VOLUME fk F C COLUMBIA XI I Persons 70 years old and over admitted free to the Fair The institute closed last Friday at noon As it was conducted by ladies Miss Patridge and Mrs Grinstead we tOQk pains to make inquiry of many of the teachers especially of those who have been teaching for several years as to the satisfaction that was being given Every one that we approached spoke in the highest terms of the in ¬ structors and the clear ideas they ad ¬ vanced in imparting their methods of teaching We are satisfied judging from expressions heard that all the teachers left Columbia feeling that they had been greatly benefitted Miss Pat ridge came to Columbia a perfect stranger but she was highly appre¬ ciated and made many friends during her short stay Mrs Grinstead having been in school here when a girl was kindly remembered by many of her old classmates and every thing possible was done to make her visit pleasant The Institute resoluted thanking Mrs Shelton for securing the services of these two excellent instructors Goes Mrs to Monticello GeoW Thomas nee Miss Mar ¬ gar t Taylor I NtKENTUCKY ADAIR COUNTY The first day of the Columbia Fair will be free to ladies Negro Strikes a White Man Born to the wife of J2d Sta HesBliss Ky Aug 1st a son Mr A A Hood sold to Mr N Waggener a work mule for 110 Head With a Pick The Taylor County Inquirer gives the following account of a difficulty which Coburgi Ladies admitted free the first day of occurred in Taylor county near this county the Fair A fight occurred at the rock quarry Mr Tim C Collins is preparing to near Coburg Tuesday during which put down concrete in front of his resi Jim Young a young white man was probably fatally wounded with a pick dence in the hands of a young negro named Haags mighty shows will be here Stavis White next Thursday Come in and bring the White was picking and Young children shoveling the dirt away when in some Tickets to regular ordained ministers manner Young was accidentally struck A quarrel followed which resulted in will be given to the Fair as a compl- ¬ the fatal stroke claimed by the negro iment Apply at this office to be in self defense The point of The Russell Springs Fair is in pro ¬ the pick struck Young over the left gress and a large delegation from Co ¬ eye fracturing the skull and penetrating the brain The wounded man lumbia will be in attendance was taken to the the tent at the quarry Remember that there will be no and medical aid was secured Reports charge for ladies the first day of the from there this morning says he is un ¬ conscious and there are no hopes for Fair his recovery The negro came here Only thirteen days until the Co ¬ and surrendered to the authorities lumbia Fair Everything will be in but as evidenceseemed to be in his readiness and many visitors are expect ¬ favor he was released until further ed developements Bishop Carter of the United Breth ¬ Democratic Convention ren Church preached an able sermon at the Methodest church Monday evening Democrats of Adair conntv met in ily 51908 NUMBER 3 9 Theodore Floyd aged 23 years a son of AM Floyd diedat his late home near Gentrys Mill last Sunday after ¬ noon He was a victim of diabetes as his rich breeding would indicate Two large rattlesnakes were killed in the neighborhood of Chance this county last week They were mates and measured four inches in diameter They had twelve rattles each Eld Wyatt Montgomery of Lincoln county closed a nine days meeting at Knifley last Sunday receiving 64 ad ¬ ditions to the church 58 of whom were baptized Contracts for rocking the pike from Greensburg to the Adair county line have been let and the work of putting on the metal hascommenced beginning at this end Rev A R Kasey will be assisted by Evangelist Brown a noted minister in a series of meetings to begin at the Methodist church this place the last Sunday in this month For Sale I A number of full blooded white Ply moute Rock roosters L V Turner Montpelier Ky 383t A ¬ a appearedI ¬ fa ri itrbngpieet 14tlnth ii i 45iftL jif t L S1fii it fhW- M2 tr a = 4 f1iiiP tit + yjt fttii fftbItk 1 I t t shinplasters The denominations were 10 and 25 cents They have been inMr Eppersons posession twentyfive years I lost my coat last Saturday near Bear Wollow Gray checked Finder please leave at this office Will pay R W Page for same As tember Mrs Mary E Stokes the beloved wife of J J Stokes Monticello died suddenly on the morning of July 26 The deceased was a daughter of W HandS E Oatts and was born in Wayne county The bereaved husband is a na ¬ tive of Russell county Besides the husband five children are left One child died in infancy Killed There was not a doubt about the presence of Dan Clark at the base ballHis park last Tuesday afternoon guying attracted as much at clever tention as the game His many novel expressions kept the spectators who occupied the grandstand in continuous laughter and when the game closed it was the unanimous verdict that Dan got as much out of the contest as the boys who engaged in it ¬ IThe in barbecue at The Tanyard the eastern portion of this county last Saturday was largly attended and a most enjoyable day was spent All the families in the neighborhood were rep ¬ resented There was an abundance of every thing good to eat the meats and Mr fish being cooked on the ground Willis V Hovious was present with his Kodack catching a number of interesting pictures The sheep was furnished by S LFisherand the lemonade and Ice cream by John ¬ eof llelkhovrnas ¬ J s t i Mr and Mrs J T Carson Campbells ¬ ville Ky Miss Alma Carson will be married to Dr J H Baugh of Mt Vernon Ky The ceremony will be performed in an impressive manner by Rev E D Overton the local pastor of the Methodist Church Immediately after the ceremony the couple will leave for the home of the groom where a reception will be held The intended bride is an excellent young lady known to nearly every body in Columbia having been reared in this place up to her twelfth year Her mother was Miss Mollie Atkins and she has a large circle of relatives in the county Mrs C H Murrell of this place being her annt The intended groom is only known here by reputation but he is said to be a polished gentleman a skilled phy ¬ sician and exceedingly popular in his home town The couple will doubtless receive many handsome and usefully presents The News desires to extend its best wishes to this very deserving couple trusting that their plighted love will countinue as long as Father Time per ¬ mits them to live exI i 1 Il J i J f l 1 Yr i rt i 4I iS H P 6 3 3 6 1 0 2 13 6 1 0 0 Normal School on a free scholarship should register their names and ad ¬ dresses with their County Superin ¬ tendent on or before August 8 1809 The State of Kentucky has provided FREE TUITION for young people who desire to enter the teaching service The demand for qualified teach ¬ ers is much greater than the supply The Western Normal offers young people sixteen years old or older un ¬ excelled opportunities to prepare themselves for the noble work of teaching See your County Superintendent and register your name and address as an applicant and write H H Cherry President of the Western Normal of Bowling Green Ky for an illustrated catalogue just received from the hands of the printer i Machine Shop W A Helm the wellknown who was formerly located at Esto has removed his entire outfit to Columbia his place of business being on Boomer Heights He is a first class machinist and is prepared to do all kinds of work The repairing of engines cultivators mowers in fact everything in the machine line is his character of work Call and see hi He also carries in stock all 11dsl of mill supplies and a good line of hard 323m ware Phone 46 IMr 522 cf Holladay s s Hindman Rosenfield 3 b 5 1 0 1 1 I 1 0 1 9 0 12 27 53 52 i 4719 rf Stearman Judd T 5 1b If 4 Total A CVILLE Borders 2b Sanders B c Williams ss Wood p Sanders Dix Chandler r f Rakestraw 3 b Bass Jcf If lb Total Innings COLUMBIA BR 0 4 H i> 6 L 3 7 0 ir 1 c 1 1 o 0 0I 4 4 3 3 32 2 4 0 1 3 7 5 wo base hits 1 1002T- jrF WH WS Three base hits Holladay and Win frey Home run Holladay Base on balls off Woodi bit by pitcherWood Strike outs by Stults I3by W ood7 J WhiteS isJr r W Pierce M W 1 Sandidge EbineservO Cane V < 2 J A R Kasey ColumbIa T Wright Mt Carmel J A Johnston Gradyville J WadeRs ell Springs J N WalBert Society Hill i inI C Z T Williams Columbia < Time of game 1 hour and 50 minutes Umpire Sam Robt Caldwell of Burdick did him ¬ self proud in catching St lts and for his excellent playjng the Columbia boys feel truly thankful Protest Front Cane Valley j PREACHING NEXT SUNDAY Holladay and Wood A V + j 19 0 t 2 The case of the Commonwealth against Basil Ashenhurst for killing Tom French at Burkesville a short time ago was continued in the Cumber ¬ land circuit court last week and a special term to try the case was called beginning the second week in Septem- ¬ ber There will be a strong effort to convict and it is said that Ashenhursts friends are many and will do everything in their power to bring about an ac ¬ 4 quittal 0 1234567 9T 30 2 0120 6 f 0 0 27 8 0 Continued Until September 5 E 1 0 2 0 1 7 0 t 0 3 O0 l0O 3 S 0 0 1 3 411 LOO r int O 4 40 0000 R Judd CVILLE 3I 1 4 5 E O Free Scholarship Now A l 0 vl B ¬ ifling Secure 0 c p Stults Judd R R 2b Winfrey Caldwell t penditure in so short a piece of road This is the condemnation that light is come into the world and men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil P H BRIDGEWATER Cane Valley Ky July 29th 1908 J Columbia Defeats Campbellsville scorecardCOLUMBIAA Mr Calvin Neal who lives near Eunice met with a very painful acci- ¬ dent a few days ago He had sharpened a bit for a Jack plane and in putting it in the stock it slipped from his hand the sharp edge striking his right leg below the knee cutting a very severe Christie gash Mr Neal was in Columbia last > For Sale Wednesday and was walking with great difficulty the I will sell Bob Wikes greatest sons of Wikes Chief His dam holding a meeting at Zion in the east was jby CabelUs Lexington Bob Wikes ern portion of this county Theseryices is 14 years old and has roven a great Last Sun ¬ sire iHe lot his eye 5 years ago wjth are being largely attended day they had all the women ih thai pink eye but none of His jolts show any young congregation to remove the feathers weakess I also have a good Hats Intelligent Jack for sale r lieiis heavy bone and andribbon from their peoplex should encourage these women well market Horse will be at CoSJacob Prie by f eihaining away from their gather- lumbia Fair Keltn r ICy ings k 1 Next Thursday forenoon August 6 at the home of the brides parents 1908 ¬ ¬ ll THE CEREMONY WITNESS Thebase ball game Campbellsville A daughter of Graff Abrelneari against Columbia drew a large crowd Glenville mysteriously left her home to the Lindsey Wilson Park last Tues ¬ The game was called and went to Lebanon Friends went day afternoon at 330 and while it terminated disas ¬ after her returning with her Saturday night It is said that her reason is trously to our neighbor boys it was nevertheless exciting from start to fin ¬ dethroned t ish Our boys were in fine shape fev ¬ er errors being made than in any game Farm For Sale we have witnessed for several years of the team I have a farm containing 105 acres Everyone gHgoodeyes deserves praise for keepi and for their for sale well timbered and watered For fleetness of foot The feature of the C C Mitchell particulars address game if we are to judge was when Greensburg Ky 356t Jo Morris Rosenfield who played third county will base caught a swift liner there being The young men of Adair organize at early day a Bryan and Kern two out and two men on bases He was club As soon as the organization can loudly cheered and the compliment was be perfected speakers will be invited to well merited The Campbellsville boys address the club and point out plans conducted themselves as true Kentucky gentlemen taking their defeat philo ¬ for effictive work sophically We talked to the manager Basil Ashenhurst who killed Tom who stated that he did not expect to French in Burkesville and was indicted win the game knowing as he did Stults he for murder was removed by Cumber swiftness as a pitcher Said he rand county officers to the Adair county is too heavy for our boys There ¬ jail last Sunday for safe keeping His suIt was 19 to 2 as the following table trial is set for the secpnd week in Sep shows the figures taken from the Accidentally Hurt iJ TO Cane Valley Lightning bas been playing sad havoc on Caseys Creek and above Roley near Clementsville in the last ten or fifteen days Since Jack Beard and his team were killed lightning has struck four or five times in that section and it is said by gentleman who lives in the locality that people have become frightened and an uueasy feeling per ¬ vades every time a cloud arises Last Sunday week Mr Sam Allen who lives near Clementsville lost nineteen cattle The cattle were out of twentyone large oak tree which was under a struck jwith the result as above stated The other strikes did but little damage 2 fP J Epperson exhibited at this last Mondav two United States Mr T office i The Board of Health dicided last Fri ¬ day afternoon that the Lebanon poul ¬ try house and Mr Sam Lewis poultry factions house that is the business would have One of the most successful lady to be removed from their present loca teachers in this county is Miss Estelle tions the oder arising therefrom not Willis who is teaching this year at being conducive to health Elroy one of the largest school districts Last Tuesday forenoon Mr Jo Russell in Adair and it is our understanding that parents and pupils are especially advertised in the News a wardrobe for When the pleased with her work school year closes here Miss Willis will return to Georgia where she taught robe ad out of your paper I havent Sale three months last April May and any wardrobe I have sold it June and where she was so wellliked consummated in three hours after the that a promise was exacted from her News was issued to return again next Spring We con¬ gratulate the people of the Georgia dis ¬ The spelling bee at the courthouse trict for having got in touch with this Thursday evening was largely attend ¬ very competent highly respected and ed and a great deal of interest was v Miss Celeste Shiny and manifested industrious AdauHSbunty teacher fIf Miss Annie Bradshaw selected the Rev A R Kasey preached two very spellers and Prof A H Ballard and entertaining and thoughtful discourses Miss Tava Reed gave out After spellat the Methodest church last Sunday ing about one hour Miss Bradshaws The Value forenoon and evening side won Mrs A H Ballard remaining Life was the subject of his forenoon on the floor to the last discoures and the points advanced were The courthouse was croweded last convincing that parents should lead to witness a Wednesday evening godly lives before their children I contest in spelling reading teachers Ozark and Columbia base ball and composition In all teams1 penmanship met again last Friday the contests there were quite a number Itj entries In each td lagold medal largflcrown witnessing the game p the Columbia was offered The following young an was team winningTay a score 8 to 7 ladies were awarded the prizes Spell- ¬ if ing Miss Ruble Jeff ries Reading Miss V Andrew Dudley was arrested last Altyerta Farris Composition and Pen ¬ Sunday night by W B latteson Cand manship were won by Miss Estelle JJ eputYtA D Fatt Qnapq lodged Willis and she was awarded two medals T hrs charged with being implicated Miss Patridge in a happy little speech tH n y Emma Beard outraged presented the Pt es hV FRIENDS I a race horse he has won in some of the great features on the tracks in England and as a breeder hie is not surpassed in all this country his colts selling for the highest price on the eastern market We regard his introduction to this coun ¬ ty of inestimable value for nerve en ¬ durance and substance are badly need ¬ ed in producing the best grade of all purpose horses Farmers will evidently not overlook the importance of thor ¬ The institute has come and gone and all the teachers so far as we could learn were well pleased with the instructors Miss Patridge and Mrs These ladies are highly oughbred blood in horses Grinstead educated and advanced many new ideas to the teachers Nineteen Cattle MANY t tax is collected Now the officers in whose power id vested the right to contract said tax in reparing roads have contracted to give two hundred and forty dollars to the building of a macadam road from the pike to the steam mill at Cane Valley Oa a distance of only two hundred and forty yards There is already a very good dirt road from the pike to the mill whereas the roads north and east lead ¬ ing to Cane Valley are impassable in the Winter for wagons in fact they are in bad condition now If the of ¬ flccrs had contracted to expend half the amount on the roads leading to Cane Valley not a taxpayer would have kicked If we can get to Cane Valley we can get to the mill very easily I was born and reared in what is now Cane Valley I gave it the name and sold goods and was postmaster there for seventeen years I ilke the place and the citizens hence I would not say a disrespectful word of any of its inhabitants but I do say that the appropriation to that short a road is obnoxious and contrary to the purpose for which the tax was levied It is for the benefit of the people of Cane Val- ¬ ley It will not benefit a man woman nor a child a mile from Cane ValleyI am a good roads advocate but 1 do not want half or more of the tax for one year expended on a little spot for the benefit of the few to the exclusion of the majority in the district It is Married Next Thursday Forenoon to Dr J H Baugh of Mt Vernon ¬ ¬ fair will be the Judge in all rings troubles at Burkesville have been the cause of two factions organ- ¬ izing as we are informed and a serious disturbance is likely to brake out at any time It is reported here by parties who were recently in Burkes ¬ ville that on Tuesday night of last week there was an attempt to assassi ¬ nate Mr Jim Keene Mr Keene Is in the livery business and was at his desk in the office of the stable Two shots were fired from the outside through the office door barely missing Mr Keene who claims that an attempt was made upon his life Mr Keene we are told is a member of one of the i AUGUST The walk in front of Miss Sallie Fields residence will be laid with concrete in about two weeks R a well known teacher who taught in the M and F High School during the session of 19067 will fill a position in the college at Monti cello this year the school opening in September Mrs Thomas is very popular in Columbia where she has frequently visited since her marriage her She is not home being at Somerset Saturday afternoon the Children of the Methodist Sunday following action being takenonly a superior trainer and instructor in the school room but she is an elo ¬ School who sing are requested to be J W Flowers was elected Chair ¬ cutionist ranking with the best of lady at the church next Saturday afternoon man and J E Murrell Secret9ry at four oclock Whereupon the following committee readersThis position was unsolicited by Mrs was appointed on resolutions Thomas and naturally she feels compl- ¬ All persons 70 years old and over will M Cravens Dro S Duribar C S imented Her only reason for accepting bead nitted to the Fair free Tickets Harris and T E Jeffries The com it is the love she has for the school will be issued at the News office from mettee reported endorsing the call for room and a disposition to keep her this time on as applicants apply a district convention to be held at Lon ¬ mind constantly employed We com- ¬ don Tuesday August 4 to nominate a Mr Clint Smith has sold his interest mend her to the good people of Monti in the Goff Livery Stable and has ac- candidate for Congress in the Eleventh cello as a lady worthy of their esteem districtIt andconfidence and congratulate the cepted a position with J S Stapp paid high tribute to J W Sons Board upon securing her services Bryan endorsing his candidacy for the The trial of the parties charged with Presidency denouncing Republican rule Death of An Aged Lady outraging Miss Emma Beard was call in generalAll ed last Saturday and continued until Democrats in Adair county We desire to extend our sympathy to today Wednesday were appointed delegates to the London W EJFandCharley Cabellj X convention and they are instructed to Cox Montgomery have opened a vote for C I Dawson of Bell county Miami Green county who were bereft of their devoted mother Mrs Helen nice pool room over Jackmans store for CongressCabell on Thursday the 30th ult The Lovers of innocent amusement are J W Flowers Chairmandeceased was 82 years old and was a cordially invited J E Murrell Secy Although 38tf Victim of heart trouble An Attractive Horse Mrs Cabell has been an invalid for Prof Ruel Cabbell will conduct a sing¬ several years her death was unexpec- ¬ ing at Pleasant Hill church next Sat ¬ great shock ted at the time and w The imported thoroughbred Stallion urday night A cordial invitation is to her sons The deceased was highly extended to all who wish to attend Bridgwater is now in possession of respected and had been a zealous mem- ¬ Mr J B Coffey of this city This is ber of the Presbyterian Church for Do not fail to attend the Pea Ridge one of the finest stallions in the State many years She was the widow of Fair August the 15th A very at combining size form color and breed ¬ Fed Cabell who was generally known trative premium list has been published ing He is a beautiful bay over 16 to the people of Green and Adair Mr Edgar Reed who is exceedingly hands high and as game in appearance counties J WEDNESDAY W G Wise the elisor of Taylor county was held in the sum of 1000 for killing Kirt Bell Miss Alma Carson to be in The sa I Of h Mr J B Barbee has just finished a first class concrete pavement in front CAMPBELLSVILLEAND of his residence SKULL FRACTURED g L J < l ¬ 1 I 1 J Ji The Institute t4 TT1 f t > bif f A < d 0 P1 I tCare Provident j 4 1- t j V A She LiKes iood ThIngs Mrs Chas E Smith df West Frank fev Editor News V un Maine says luke good things ard Msej adopted Dr Kings New Life PilIs J7 as Hr f araily laxative n1i cause heytaregdQdandao their Yo with ers in the CaneYaley districtouts making a fuss aboutjt These My understanjngis that the Fiscal pairilesspurifiers r sold te T > E PaulFs U w w ty vecent Court levied a f > dllkrs worth vofrorK a I on the hundred I fcl tk ti 1 I r f J ev 0 t 2 M 1e2 jr ii ff 4 1 j t M 2 r t S t- F UA io M rI M > t I < >

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