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Page 0 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 24 no. 1 Spring, 1948

Part of Mountain Life and Work

:. 1 FE .C ORGAN OF THE COUNCIL OF SOUrl'HEIIIN MOUNTAIN WORKERS 1• P(BLI!-IEIED QUARTEIILV .1 .T R. KENTUCKlt'. IN THE €TER . ES,T OF FELLOWSHIP ANDV1 TIE A1'PALACRIAN NIOUNT_tINS VNI• THE REST OF THE NATIO-a Artherr fit. B.arra;rrra,a• i rbre 1). Cjrrrfb;l1 tl~-rt.4rai 1'c'. H::r, Ot",t A 1-:"Jqu:t SIGNED .,LRT14"LES m~k. NOT MC:Es"5AKILY -me f.XPRESSION OF LDFT'ORIAL OPINIC.1,N NUR 1.)u TfiLY C;_I.RliY THE L'NDhrRSE:MEN'r OF fifE COUNCIL, IN THIS ISSUE YF"NT(TCKY RINTR i:)AYS -Hermon 1'&-i I r VARSf AN17 FORESTS OF EASTERN KENTL'CKY IN~ --)obo IL Pon.lrrrx:r' RFI.ATIUN TO POPUI kTION ANT') INCOME SFFIN;(s AN[) SIIARINC - • ~.-J~arrrrrr,n» 9 Fr-WCAT7r N AND VAI-(rF~ -.F. Alsfon Tarlro :1 ON VAYAI-I BALI) I .A Sorur:T) --RrrV1nurd F. .1I.-l.tfrr I~ VI IAT MT, ARE I)0ING I3,zlc I3ollow• I Atger Nrish I f, TEa~prinl;.arld Pr~~~Iriry TUtc~rz~~ Ii~al:ay r? Flandicrats 19 Rcorexriura _ Vii) FI)ITORIAI q ., • x _ RNIONG TI-IF BOOKS ,1 A NN L) U N C.F XIE NT~ ~ 2 -I SUSWBIPSia7H afc;2.00 P&.A TEAR, 50 CENTS PER,caPV. ISStdED SPKINet. SUMMER, AUTUMN, Wz:aa-sar. Eaaterxai at Ae latest oflicx at Brctal, Kmtuskx as aaecond class mad matter- Auxreat :2, 1945, under tlrt act Of Marele 3, I4?~. ADU"1E$ ALL CorwtMraNICATIONs TO COV1e'CIL OF 50V-THERN MOUNTArN WOKKERSR BEXEA, KENTUCKY

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