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Image 5 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), June 17, 1921

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Holbrook bug trade Henry M. Announcement To thePeople of Letcher Co. : After due deliberation and much solicitation from the people l00i00t ended REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR CIRCUIT COURT CLERK Chicago Contractors and Workers Agree on Judge Landis as Arbitrator. ABIT 8,000 ALIENS . of my neighborhood and a large number of people in various sections of the county I have decided to ask for the Republican r. nomi- nation for County Judge at the primary Aug. 6. I have, been a citizen of your ceunty for a num ber of years and have all this time been identified with public industries, construction work and other public enterprises. I am a mountain man and know what mountain people need in the way of government, and should I be nominated and electe'd will do all in my power to serve them in an I earnest and careful manner. invite investigation as to my character and qualifications from those who have known me for years, wrour support is earnestly i N.T.Preston solicited. Jenkins, Ky. June 8 MEN Construction TO Work, JOB GET to Amounting Will Bo Started Once Men to Accept Wage Scale Set by Jurist. S20,C0O,CD0. at Chicago, Juncl IS. Uuilding opera tors in Chicago pre'exnected to lie resumed this week a Federal Judge Ken- env M. I.andis he the umpire in the wage dispute in the building in . lie wwVhosen after a list of 'JO names of .iicji prominent In the business world Duul been submitted, considered and rejected. It ii be lieved that lie viii accept the olTer to net as arbiter ai tl; dispute that has caused a tieup of aU building construe tion isinee Ma; H. With the MtJcctton of Judge Landis the employing are expect ed to call oil tl.e loclAmt nnd between and VAXim) iikii will resume work on construction, estimated ti mount iti more Ihnn Affects Many Trades. Tito 'settlcnic-n.- . will in ifs reachfar beyond the i building trades workers themselves. JSuIIdliu: sunnl factories which have- - been closed since snortiy alter the lockout began will be able to reopen, jiving employ ment to additional tin nsauds of workers. Material vartK also closed since the lockout began, will employ several thousand more. iildpinents of sand travel, steel, cement and other bulky building materials will be resumed with the probable result that 5.000 men, who have been laid oft" on railroad systems tapping Chicago, will get their jobs. According to the agreement signed by both parties, the workers' will re ceive the wages determined upon by Judge Lamjls if an award is made be fore the coming pay day. If (he award To the Voters of Perry and is not made, the old wage, of j?ir paid until is Jason Cox of Letcher county is Letcher I am a candidate for hour will be The ncw the award re announced. scale will a Republican candidate for Jailer Representative from our Legisla main In effect until May 1, 1022, and before February 1 and says he is a sure winner and tive district, composed of the on or determine whether the umpire the scale runs on the unanimous endorse-m?- counties of Perry and Letcher to shall remain in force for another year : s a., i of his district. D.J. Cox is ,De voieu lur au uic cuuuiig nuu- - or "e ennngea dus-try- 1 A Seir Made Man A Successful School Teacher A Soldier in France and Germany Announcement Jailer D J. Cox nt r... a Th Cleveland Decision The decision of a Cleveland nrbltra one of the best known men in the ust primary. all of his county, a laboring man Having been in tranklort tor cut of rr per cent in tiie building in of that city. Is believed to life and a faithful worker for nocf 17 mnfVie Irnnwinor nor. with have had party for 'years. sonany Gvery State official and negotiationsmucha to do Here. brlngtn; the Republican to t:wa lie con du-tr- .1 Has served as deputy sheriff 14 years and satisfied the people and says he will do the same as their jailer, Jason is brave, qualified, and will do much to keep law and county and promises order in to not let any of his prisoners esHe says to the good men cape. and wojnen "If you want a-- real jailer, give me your vote." I havjng attended practically every session of the 1920 Legislature I feel that I will be in position to do more for ovr district than any other man. Altho Perry is my home county I shall if elected faithfully serve the entire district, Letcher as well as Perry. I am neither a coal operator or miner, but will support such legislation as will be 'fair to both. At present I am I am a candi emDloved in the Insurance De To the Voters date for Circuit Court Clerk sub- partment at Frankfort, the only ject to the Republican party. I Perry county man holding a posi have ever heartily supported our tion with the State, and mychiel party and this is my first time to reason for seeking the. place as ask for office. In 190.6 I lost all Representative IS to be in pOSl- I had by fire and four years ago Hnn rnmfnl nnr insurance laws v my health failed me and I have a so as lo trive nolicy holders more a t hard time keeping on my feet as protection agiwm I can hardly work. When you companies, unauthorized agents ,. u go to the polls place yourself in my condition and then vote like Earnestly soliciting the gupport your duty demands vote for me. of every Republican voter in the Resp. I thank you and will put forth district, I am, Manon Gomett the greatest effort of my life to you well. serve S. A. HILL We are authorized to announce John Potter a candidate for Jus (On third Saturday and Sunday tice of the Peace in Fleming dis in June the funeral of Uncle Joe trict No. 2 on the Republican Holcomb will be preached at Lower Sandlick church, by Elds. ticket. He is well known, a son J. T.. Whitaker, Ira Coittbg and t of the late Uncle Isaac Potter, a te New Clerk .' .others. fofjjgr good citizen. ANNOUNCEMENT . Henry M. Holbrook Enters the Field for Circuit Court Clerk tractors had announced a -- 0 per cent cut: which made $1 an hour the has! wage for mechanics and declared lockout when the men rejected the were willing to cut. The work-el'- s rbitrate between that wage and the $1.25, but (he contractors stood pat. The unlmi leaders then declared they w(him arbitrate from, nmwng up l.2.i an h;nir, and fur nitre than it weeji thu task of sMectiuj' an umpire has been under way. 1 Letcher Circuit Court, Ky, Little Whitaker, plff., vs. Alfred Fields and Ira Banks defts. By virtue of a judgment and order of sale of Letcher Circuit Court rendered at its April term 1S21 in above cause, fos the sum of J275 with interest at the cent per annum from the rate of 24 day of Oct. 1917 until paid subject to the following credits ?85 paid April 29, 1918, $5 paid F.b.10, 1918, $70.60 paid April 4, 1919 and all crsts herein I will offer for sale by public auction at the Courthouse door in Whitesburg, Ky. on Monday the 6 day of June 1921 about the hour of 1 oclock p.m. upon a credit of 6 months the following described property to wit: All that certain tract of land situate on Spicewood branch of Kingdom Come creek in Letcher county, Ky., and described as follows: Being the same land conveyed to the defendants Alfred Fields and Ira Banks by Lynch Fields by deed dated May 4, 1913 and now of record in the office of the Clerk of the Letcher County Court in deed book No. at Page relcrence to which is now made for a moro particular description of said land. Also at the some time and place I will offer for sale 2 muleet 1 gray and 1 black known as the Eh Ison mules. Os a sufficiency thereof! to" produse the sums of money ordered to be made. The purchaser will be required to execute bond with approved security im mediately after the sale. This 12 day of May 1921. S.E.Baker. M.C.L.C.C. For Justice To the Voters After due con- Jur.p. "We arc facing Uic pCilJmro.f snf-- . fering on tfccsa.y idput Tand epidemic due p tiip. grepd rind" nvarico; of the steamship cpjnranlcs,''- said; e ning. l!eprcsen$ntfto flayer (Bern.) of California O.cclared, "Congress' must do something to. prevent the stcsnmshtp companies, from openly. bold.y ind de- J;, tion owks. at pushes liberately cAtyln.u,n&M'1he. practice $t Immigrants to the carrying mor Unltpd'Htntpa than the law allows. Commissioner Husband told thefom-mltte- e the steamship compaijs were kept Informed regarding Vhe law while It was beinff'enaclf'd, but he and Mr. Hennlng admitted that tlio M"".pmies probably could punished lor bringing t'vieess number of Immigrants here during the present month. l!oth officials urged that congress enact legislation putting a ston H tbo practice of carryinj many Immigrants to AmfJm IVirts. There are ni. laws px regulations at present tbnt require ine seamsnip eoin.pftiiI tn care for the immlgrnnls l easo they were not allowed. In enter, thc.y said. ' in the Squibs and KatiUor. according to the Lon,Ion Timcs Oppeln' correspondent Tuls ,s (Il,eC1.I1)c,i !IS (,c jirst time a definite scheme for restoring order has been applied. The British HInck Watch has omu.Iod thu railway June- GET BUSY. Keep busy. Is your job unsafe? Is it permanent? You want v fifeWff s. ge.t into, such a Ygy business selling more than 137 Watkins Products direct to far- . tnp Poles further south. ae I s Silesia--Britis- RybnIIv . or mers if you own fcan ggt.ope; if you are under 50 Several Overcome Battling $503,000 and can give bond with personal Blqze at Niagara Nine sureties. We "Back you with big BANDITS ESCAPE WITH MAIL Burned, selling h.epd. (53 in busiSix Pouclifcs o Reentered Matter 20,6o"Q?090 users of our proNlncnra Palls, 2?. y., June ness, qlen From Operator at Five which started shortly before ducts. Write foy information Arion, U, destroyed nine buUdhiss at Fort NIif5m 'tthii an cstlniatpil. Joss of where you jan get j.r)0O,O0a KO)c!eis. nf the R.Wsftin Dpnlson, la., June 13. Six pouches ffc'Vornl o., Department 111, SOLDIERS FIGHT FIRE AT FORT Build-InG- I desire to say that I announced myself as a candidate for Coun--. ty J udge of Letcher county sometime ago. At that time I intended to run and up to this time I intend to run, 'but during that time I have been disabled and could not go out from heme very much. Ne w I am able to stir around and desire to say if I keep well I will see most all the voters in Letcher county-beforthe primary, but if I should not get to see some of you I want you to know from this that I am a candidate and will run the race through, regardless of what anyone else may say or do. I desire to say further that I am running on my record and from what the people know of me in a general way, and am not running in any other man's interest, nor am I led by any other man or set of men. It has been rumored that I might keep certain other persons from announcing for office, or keep them from running; but, dear voters, ladies and men, I am running my own race, let others do likewise or otherwise, so far as I am concerned. I have no desire to put any man on or take any man off, and if any man desires to run or to not run it is without my suggestion or solicitation. I am running my own race and all others can do same. Hoping to see each and all of you before the primary and asking you now and at the primary to support me, I am, Your former servant and ever your friend, e Washington, June 13. Itegardless of congressional action. Secretary of Labor Davis will act promptly to release more than 8,000 Immigrants now held on ships In American ports. Secretary Davis believes, as a result of a conference with Attorney (Jeneral Daugherty, tbnt be is authorized to release Immigrants, otherwise Qualified, on bond or upon their cwn recognizance. I'ronipt action, he believes, has become necessary to prevent the outbreak of serious epidemics. As these S.000 immigrants are in ex cess of the quotas permitted to come to the United States during June, under the. Johnson act. they will be deducted from the total number of Immigrants that will he permitted to iand this year. The greater part of the excess arrivals, Secretary Uavlssald, are ' Italians and ToUsli Jews. Csrlls Action Humanitarian. Secretary Davis pointed oHt that not only was action to permit the binding of immigrants now In port dictated by humanitarian considerations, but that every Immigrant has the right to appeal deportation to a special court of assizes. If the detision of this court Is adverse, a further appeal may be tnken to the secretary of labor. Mr. Davis pointed out that if appeals were entered by the number of immigrants now detained on ships nt would American ports, these car-eswamp the Department of Labor for the next six months. Ronds for temporary admission of the Immigrants will probably be tised nt $300. In special cases, where Immigrants would be admissible but for the Johnson restriction act, they may be admitted on their own recognizance. Secretary Davis sahbi that ecrtlfi. cates nf arrival at anlAme'rlcan port bad been Issued to the unprecedented number of 10,004 persons during Mny. In the same month iIl,rSTi petitions for naturalization were filed lid 23,fiGS certificates of nntnrnllzntlon IssuimI, Four hundred nnd nine perosns reported loss of natural izntlnn pnpers. Ship Companies Defy Lav. Transatlantic steamship companies are "openly and defiantly'' violating the immigration law, government officials and members' of congress charged before the house lmmlgatlon committee. Immigration, Commissioner Husband, Assistant Secretary of Labor Kenning nnd other officials testified at a hearing, which was held on the Johnson resolution to permtt the entry of immigrants now here or on their way lo. the United States, although the duotas o their various nationalities at? exeoMed' during tiie tnooth of sideration I hereby announce myself as a Democratic candidate ORDER GERMANS OVER ODER for Magistrate in Lower FqH" house distrlgk promise faithAllies Aleo Tell Poles to Fall Back In Peace Effort in and & look out for ful service Advance. the people's interests and jafc all London, .Tune 13. Armed Gentians times maintain law and erer, I south of Ok'lwUis, In Upper Hilesia. have been ordered by the allies' plebl- - appeal to all pood men and.wQ' wpt nf men for support, fito nAimufKstnn to J.J, Watts I'uiep the Oder river, ami tin IS HUMANITARIAN Is Told. That Congress Committe , Transatlantic Steamship Companies Arc' Openly and Defiantly Violating the Immigration Law. Master Commissioner's Sale t' of SAYSdUl 0 I .Labor to Act Promptly Regardless of Propo&sd Laws. Secretary . To the People and to the Public Generally of Letcher County, and Especially All Voters and All Candidates: I v 1 -- 30,000 Judge H. T. Day Says DAMS T0 - l-i- e H. T. DAY. a, s The Bank for Savings This Bank is the logical home for your Savings because in addition to paying 3 per cent interest on deposits, it affords absolute safety by reason of its Capital and surplus of $100,000, its conservative methods and its membership in the Federal Reserve System. There is no better investment that you could have than a Savings Account in this strong institution. Whether your deposits are small or large your account will be cordially First National Bank Jenkins, Kentucky We pay all taxes on irloney deposited with us Benjamin Franklin Said: "LOOK BEFORE, OR YOU'LL FIND YOURSELF BEHIND." Everyone should prepare for his old age. We 'can't all be rich, but we can all have a bank account. $1 opens a Savings Account. Why not deposit at least $1 a week in a Savings Account? This money, with the interest that will be compounded, will help take care of you when you are too old to work. BANK OF McROBERTS FLEMING, KY. We pay taxes on all money deposited with U3 f ft S mid-jllKl- it of registered mall consigned from; fdous City and Snntb Dakota points to' Chicago were stolen at Arion. sev Wanted Salesman for 6,000 en miles west of here, by three ban dits who overpowered E. L. mile guaranteed tires. Salary the telegraph operator, t ,syjipoA $100.00 weekly with extra com- southward m n ;v,HmiHo- - Arion I is a trp,fltvp muIou, for. the North. - tK GUILTY IN POISON BOOZE CASE missions. Cowan Tire ftflVVfT went:ri imtl Milwaukee lines. The mall p.ouches bad been imloadcd a fclo,, ifyx lf84 Chicago, Illinois. Oamuel Parllncj o Hrjfo).d, Convict few minutes before from the Milwaued of Manslaughter for Wood kee train from "Sioux City xyy irans- Alcohol Deals. Whitesburg Lodge Loyal Or- rer to isonmvesiern titim a. fast mall to C'ulmgo. Sprinfield. Mass., June 13. Samuel der of Moose meets each Thurs Darllnc of Hartfroil, Conn.,fwas found day at 7:30 p.m. in the Juniors' jy. S. MAIL ROBBER ESCAPES ClMtl' of manslaughter by a jury In fhe Tiuprpmu criminal ciirf. PafnK Hall. H. L. W'sehart Dictator; ney Gardner Holds Vp Federal Offi. vafi charged with the murder of- two, fjiiicopep pien through dealing in wpod A.V.Segent, Sec. c?rC Wh'le Being Taken to Prisan at Portland, Ore. alcohol whisky during Christmas week, join. Portland, Ore.. June Hy Hard- Reds Meet at Moscow. Fox. COO'n, 0'pOSSUm. rabbit, iinm..M i.oro bv federal' olllcers! Ulgn, Latvia, Junu 13. Moscoiv adsay that the third congress of blood hounds, airedale terriers, ; escaped after holding up the olllcors vices the Tlilnl Internationale opened ita collies, shepherds, squirrel dogs. fntl ta,.5lns theIr revolvers and $200. sessions there Thursday, watch dogp, poodles, police doer?, infantry wore overcome while llshtin? the blase, but only one, Trivate John C. Kely. is In a serious condition. Tatlents In the fort hospital, one of the first buildings to catch fire, were carried out safely. Twenty-secon- Winona, Minn, d Blackey State Bank Blackey, Kentucky Does a General Banking business - TO TIIE VOTERS OF LETCHER COUInTY: I am a candidate for Circuit Ccurt Clerk and desire to ask you. both ladies and gentlemen, for support. I am a young man and from my youth have struggled my way through to the present time. I have spent all my earnings since reaching manhood trying t3 educate myself that I might be of use to my county and my State. I desire to continued climb upward and in order to do so I have decided to kindly ask you to nominate mo for this office. Have feel certain that I am qualified for the duties of the office, been a teacher for eight years and glad of the work accomplished. Aside from the two years I spent in the army in the world war, a great deal of that time on the hot battlefields of France, I have been engaged in school work. I now feel like the people of my county should how a willing hand in my behalf. If chosen your clerk I assure you I will make you a good, sober and and painstaking official. Again asking your support and assuring you I will apVery truly, preciate it, I am, HENRY M. Fine Pop Fov Sale ! KS St, Bernards, bull terriers. Boston 230 acres FOR SALE-Ab- out terrier.?, and pet dogs of ali of Montgomery Co. blue grass kinds. All broke donrs are sent mm C? Bourbon Poultry Rennsgy land situated about 5 miles south 'on 10 days trial. If not satisfac-iA few droiw i tt fov. U" YT&PCS water cures 'vUAM'Qt good shape n I prevents yt of Mt.Sterling, Ky., on the Cam- - tory return docs diarrhoea. nnd other chic argo pike. This land all in grasg express prepaid and we will reUiarmea, Lb daily to leer fstr fund your money. Or will ship .'Jcia licalthy. Doa'l wait until and has on it a small house, stock i jirii m. C a totila today. COD. where express office isv Smalltize 60c, bait plat 1 1, pint 51.30. The price is near, barn and scales. ; . At dniMuts. or by mail poatpaia. nniirtMnItemcdTCa..BoxD.LexloKtOtltKy. J $100 per acre. Apply to A. C. LONESOME FINE t'ARM KENNELS j Sold, in Whitesburg by 4 Bogie, Mt. Sterling, Ky. Millstone, Ky, JOHN 0. FITZPATRICK, . I n lu-ii- Solicits Your Account OneDrop f qti The Caudill Construction Company Blackey, Kentucky Grading, Excaatinjr and Mine Opening a Specialty QUICK ltELTABLE SERVICE WE SOLICIT YOUR BUSINESS

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