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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 30, 1962

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

. - University of Kentucky rials V Pepartment ine MOUNTAIN EAGLE Elizabeth Hansen u is. Library Heed IT SCREAMS! Whitesburg, Letcher County. Kentucky, Thursday, August30, 1962 10 A large group of political and United Mine Workers of America dignitaries Is expected In Jenkins Monday for the annual UMWA Labor Day celebration. Included among speakers are to be Gov. Bert Combs, Lt. Gov. Wilson Wyatt, U. S. Rep. Carl D. Perkins and Ned Breathitt, the Combs administration's candidate for governor in the 1963 Kentucky primary, and W. A. (Tony) Boyle, vice president of the UMWA national organization. Boyle will be the first international UMWA official to speak at 1 Labor Day rally since 1952, The union will award a $500 scholarship to the dependent of a union member chosen as "Miss m Ess i i 1 'Manof the Year' Dr. B. C. Bach Funeral services were held today at the First Baptist Church for Sam Collins Sr., 81, a colorful figure in Letcher County pablic life since the turn of the home. (Eagle photo) century.Rev. Charles Carter and The the Rev. Robert S. Owens officiated. Burial was at Mayking. Mr. Collins' entered public life when he was appointed postmaster at Whitesburg at the age of about 19, shortly before the turn of the century. In 1901 he years in the Philippines, became deputy collector of Inhis dlschareehe entered th verslty of Louisville Medical ternal revenue. He served for School aad after graduation prac- - several years in the office of the late Judge John Sherman (continued on Page 31 Cooper, father of the senator, at Danville, and then asked to become a field collector. In that capacity he rode horseback through the Kentucky mountains seeking out tax violators. In 1908 he was named United States Commissioner, a position he held until he was elected judge of Letcher County In 1918. The judgeship was the only elective office he ever held; he resigned it after two. years (Judge Stephen Combs succeeded him) to accept the position of prohibition director for Kentucky in 1921. As prohibition director, a federal office, he had offices at Lexington and his duties were similar to the duties of the present Alcohol Tax Unit. As pronibition director for KenESTILL-BLAItucky, Collins figured promi- - relaxes at his Dr. Bert C. Bach, who has Was educated in the Breathitt County schools and wfter attendpracticed medicine in Whitesburg for nearly 50 years, has ing Lees College in Jackson, been named Whltesburg's "Man Ky., Dr. Bach entered the United States Army and served three of the Year" by the Whitesburg Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Bach received the plaque and certificate commemorating the honor at a dinner last Saturday night at the Coffey House. U. S. Marshal Archie Craft, last year's recipient, made the presentation. Lee Crutchfield, president of the Hazard Chamber of Commerce, was the speaker. Dr. Bach was nominated by several local civic groups as this A new drug store will open in year's recipient of the honor, which recognizes a citizen's Whitesburg about the middle of contribution to his community. November. Here is the citation read about The store will be operated by a him at the dinner: newly organized firm known as Dr. Bert C. Bach was born at Family Drug Co., Inc. It will Quicksand, Breathitt County, be a Walgreen agency. Estill Blair of Whitesburg, who Ky. , in 1882. He was one of five children, one girl and has been principal promoter of the new store, said the firm will four boys. He and his three brothers became physicians. He (Continued on Page 2) New drug store will open here of Whitesburg 'residents Bert Combs and the state Department of Libraries this week to locate headquarters of a proposed regional library at Whitesburg but were informed the governor wanted it at Jenkins and that's where it will be." At a meeting at the Letcher County Public Library Wednesday afternoon, representatives of civic groups here and other interested citizens wired the governor that they felt the regional library should be located at the county seat because it would best serve all sections of the county Gov. there, Mrs. Zenneth Bentley, chairman, and Columbus Sexton, treasurer, of the county library board, were delegated Ijy the group to call Governor Combs In Frankfort and talk to him the location of the library toda They could not reach libs, however, and late today the Department of Libraries an headnounced the regional quarters would be located at Jenkins. Members ot the Whitesburg group pointed out that although money for the library is to come from the governor's emergency fund for the next two years residents of Letcher County will have to vote a tax eventually to provide funds for the library. The Whitesburg group indicated they did not believe Letcher County would pass a tax to support a library located at Jenkins and inconvenient to the rest of the county. So far, no other counties have indicated a willingness, to come into the region. Members of the Whitesburg group argued that the only possi nently in the downfall of George nemus, Cincinnati known as the "Bootleg King." Remus, convicted and sent to the federal penitentiary at Atlanta, recalled that during his career of 'buying men' ne came across two he could not handle. One, he said, was Bert Morgan, prohibition director of Indiana. "The other," he said, "was Sam Collins, prohibition director for Kentucky, who refused an offer of a hundred thousand dollars simply to quit his job!" It was Collins who revoked the permit of Remus' bogus Kentucky Drug Co. , set up to withdraw whisky illegally, and thus marked the first cog in the wheel leading to the downfall of the multimillionaire. Remus recalled from prison: "I thought certainly the young man wouldn't object to resigning his job for a flattering sum of money if he didn't have to do anything wrong, so we planned to offer him a flat sum of $100,000 for his resignation. The offer was made through an attorney in Kentucky, who was also powerful in politics but the young man smelt a rat and turned us down. 'No, sir, ' he replied, 'I am not for sale.'" The Remus story and Collins' part in it gained national prominence. (Continued on Page 0) mum-millionai- re .1 Wh asked UMWA District 30." Miss Joan Odum, "Miss USA of 1962, "will crown the winner. After the speaking, which begins with Boyle's address at 11:45 a. m., a stage show will be given. Entertainers will include Stonewall Jackson of Grand Olc Opry, an animal act, plate spinning artists, a comedy musical act, a high wire artist and an accordion artist. The governor's speech is set for 12:30 p. m. Other political figures will speak at 2 p. m. union officials say they expect the largest Labor Day crowd In many years. The celebration will be held at the Jenkin ball field. Funeral services held for Sam Collins Sr., 81 Dr. Bach named "Man of Year" A group No. 16 Labor Day rally set at Jenkins 4 -- Vol.55, ble justification tor locating regional headquarters in Jenkins would be inclusion of Pike County in the region. If Perry or Knott counties, the others under consideration, are included, an) round trip to regional headquarters would Involve an extra 34 miles of travel if the headquarters is in Jenkins. The Letcher County Public Library Board has not yet voted to join the regional library. Miss Margaret Willis, state librarian, came to Whitesburg last week and met with the county library board to tell them the governor bad made available money from his emergency fund to set up a regional library in Letcher County. During the meeting Miss Willis indicated the Jenkins library was the onl one in the countv with space available for the three I desks and shelving space the protests re- gional library staff will require. (The Jenkins library moved into new nuatiets aonaiea ana reaec- orated by Bethlehem Mines Core last spring.) Later, MIm wm Ii indicated $he would consider locating the headquarters at Whitesburg If space could be found. Mrs. Bentley obtained pledges from local cltizrns to pay $50 monthly rent and offered the library department the main floor of the Hiram Mitchell building Just across the street from the Letcher County library, which is housed In the L&N depot, located on Main Street in Whitesburg. Mrs. Bentley said that when she called Miss Willis to tell her that space was available in Whitesburg Miss Willis said the regional library headquarters had been "promised to Jenkins." Mrs. Archie Craft, wife of the former state senator, said she understood Combs had visited the library at Jenkins during a trip to Letcher County with the State Chamber of Commerce and had "made a public commitment" then that Jenkins would get regional library headquarters. "The governordoes not go back on his word, " Mrs. Craft added. (Mountain Eagle flies concerning the governor's ttop at Jenkins report Combs told the people at Jenkins they "had a good chance" to get a regional libra Former Rep. Harry Caudill said he did not believe under the democratic system, of government the state could locate a library at 'Jenkins wthou some regard (Continued on Page 9)

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